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  1. Shoot, you guys got lucky.

    The very first day I got my plate put on my VF700F, I took it out to show it off to some friends. The last house I stopped at, had a bunch of cars in the driveway, and an artesian well in the yard. Not wanting my new baby to sink her stand into the mud, I parked over the stone walkway leading to the house, front wheel on one side, back wheel on the other, kickstand on the walk.

    I went inside, announced that Iahd my new bike outside, and one of the girls(actually a woman older than me) ran outside and hopped on it before I even made it to the door. She got on from the kickstand side, and promptly fell over on the right side, smashing my helmet into the gas tank and putting a huge dent in it. (it was hanging on the handlebar).

    Once I figured out she was ok, I started talking to her about reimbursement, and wouldn't ya know it, she got mad and yelled at me for parking my bike the way I did, it's my fault for parking it there... b!tch! <_<

  2. I once knew a nurse who told me that every time she got a prick in her hand, she would put it in cider. ;)

    Looks like an awesome trip, and another couple turns in NM I missed out on... lol.

    Edit: I just checked the map, and I went right by the damn place!! I went farther south and took 26 from Hatch to Deming, WORST DETOUR EVER! Might as well have been slab, and some of the roads were muddy from the flooding of some pepper farms... Looks like I could have done the Gila and hit I-10 in Lordsburg for a better time... oh well, guess I'll have to re-do the trip! :goofy:

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