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New Bike On The Way!

Darth Bling



I've been looking for quite a while now at getting another bike to accompany by VFR. The main reason behind my decision is that I'm afraid that I'm eventually going to crash my VFR at the track. And, if I were to do that, I'd be hurting pretty bad. The VFR is my only bike and if it got wrecked, I'd have to spend a ton of money to fix it back up. But, if I had another bike (especially a bike I could buy sharkskinz for), I wouldn't have to worry about that. :salesman:

So, I've been trolling around WERA boards and my local racing forums looking for a track bike, but so far nothings come close to my price range. I did check out an RC51 here locally that a guy raced and was getting rid of it because he already had two other race bikes. His current bike was the GSXR1000, but he just picked up a salvaged Ducati 1098 and was getting ready to convert it to track (hence why he was selling the RC51 to pay upgrades for the 1098). Now, this got me thinking: if I could find a wrecked bike from a salvage yard, I could put it back together and I'd have me a track bike.

Ever since the 2007 CBR600RR came out, I've been drooling over it. I've heard nothing but good things about it and it looks fantastic. Unfortunately, I just never could justify spending that much money for a new bike. And, even used ones are going for $7000+. But, if I could find a wreck/salvaged CBR...

So, I've been in contact with this salvage yard and they just got a 2007 CBR600RR in with a clean title. Most of the damage is superficial. The only major damage is a bent subframe, missing exhaust pipe, and missing right headlight.

th_cbr019.jpg th_cbr016.jpg th_cbr014.jpg th_cbr013.jpg

th_cbr012.jpg th_cbr017.jpg th_cbr015.jpg th_cbr018.jpg

I’ll be picking the bike up next Wednesday from the salvage yard. Once I get it fixed back up, I'll post some pictures of it on the forum! :thumbsup:



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Sounds like a fantastic deal, Tim.

I talked to a guy the other day that got a $26,000 BMW from a wrecker in Quebec for $6,000. The damage was purely cosmetic but insurance refused to pay out the repairs, so it was written off. It cost him only $3,000 to replace plastic, a fairing support and headlight. Pretty good deal in my opinion, if you can find it.

Did i mention the bike only had 400km on it? Crazy good deal.

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You bastage! I have to buy a house instead of the 600RR/1098 I wanted... how much did you get it for?

I'm getting it for $4300. It's just a tad outside of my price range, but it does have clear title. The last '07 CBR600 the salvage yard had was $3400, so basicially I'm paying an extra $1000 just for a clear title.

I figure I'll be down $5500 or so once I get it all fixed up and looking nice again. My plan is to put superbike handlebars on my VFR and use it for touring duty. Daily rides up into the mountains and track days will be reserved for the CBR now. :D

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Just talk to the salvage yard today and I'll be heading down tomorrow morning to pick it up! :thumbsup:

The owner of the salvage yard said he's been completely bombarded by people trying to buy the bike. He's said he's turn away about a dozen people so far with cash in hand. He he he... :D

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That's a great find Tim. I had the pleasure of riding a buddy's new 600RR a couple of weeks ago. It is a fantastic machine, with more power than I thought was possible from a 600.


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