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New Skins For The Cbr

Darth Bling


SWEET!!! I just scored a set of fairings on ebay! And, it's even in my favorite color for the CBR. :happy:

Ok, ok, I have to admit, I really like the white color scheme too. Oh, and I just saw the new '08 flat black color last weekend, very hot! :beer:


So, here's the story:

I've been trolling around ebay looking for parts for my new CBR. I found a complete set of blue fairings on ebay about a week and a half ago, so I put a bid in for them. Well, I thought I was doing good until the last hour of the auction when the price suddenly shot up to $1000. Too rich for my blood, but I continued to watch just for fun. And to my amazement, within the last minute, the price got pushed up to $1500! :ohmy: And that doesn't include the $200 the seller was charging for shipping.

Well, that was quite a disappointment. I really don’t want to spend that much money for a complete set of fairings, but I continued to search ebay. And, to my delight, I found another set of blue fairings. So I put down an opening bid of $250 and watched it with great anticipation. :thumbsup: You see, this auction was unique because the seller didn't list it correctly. He didn't put any of the common search words in the title like bodywork, plastics, or fairings. He also left out the 600RR part and simply put RR6 in the title. :warrenty:

I had high hopes for this auction since it didn't have much visibility. A few people did find it and the price eventually got up to about $510 within the last 10 minutes. With exactly one minute left, I decide to put in a bid of $850 for it. And, too my surprise, I got an error saying I didn't meet the seller's buyer requirements. WTF!! :unsure:

I had placed a bid earlier without any trouble, but now I don’t meet the requirements. I try a few more times to get my bid in, but each time I get the same error. And then I realize the error says that I don’t meet the requirements because I don’t have a paypal account. But I do have a paypal account! :pissed:

And that’s when I see the link that say, “Already have a paypal account? Click here to link it to ebay.” I click on the link as fast as I can and feverously type my paypal info into the black fields and hit submit. I get a congratulation message and then I click the take-me-back-to-were-I-was” button. But instead it takes me to my paypal account and not back to the auction! sad.gif

Luckily, I had another window open that I was using to place my bid with. So, I click the back button on that and then hit the confirm bid button and quick as I can. And what do I see: "You’re the highest bidder! Time left: 1 sec."

It took me a few seconds to get over the shock of what just happened, but I had won the auction, literally, without a second to spare. That was the longest, most stressful one minute of my ebay buying career. :goofy:


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Congrats on the sweet price....love the color! I have an 07 blue 600rr myself.

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