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  1. The triple-axis accelerometer should indeed make the eSystem a lot easier to install than other electronic oilers although I have my doubts about the accuray of determining distance/speed/accell. Also I think the controller that you would put somewhere on the dash is quite large. Also heard of one that returned his broken down eSystem as water had entered the controller but I suppose that is just a single incicdent and will be replaced under warranty.

  2. Nice install guide, well documented :fing02: I am looking forward to hearing your verdict on what type of chain oiler you like best.

    For the oil container I made a bracket out of some aluminum sheet and riveted that to the subframe rails. It seems a bit safer than using velcro as I don't want the container to come off and have oil spilled all over my rear tire. There is just enough room to remove the cap of the container and I use a oil can to top up the container without having to remove te container from behind the fairing. Easy :fing02:

    reservoire.th.jpg underseatcomponents.th.jpg

    In the summer I run a bit leaner (table 18) then what the PO comes standard with and it keeps the rollers and o-rings nice and clean. During the winter I run a bit richer: table 17 or 16. Table 16 results in a lot of fling off on the rear wheel and swingarm but that doesn't bother me much as during the winter months the bike gets quite dirty anyway.

  3. Great write up and pics. Looks like a very good ride.

    They seemed to care less about the cars and one Harley rider came through from the other side and rode past them with no problems.

    Was he wearing one of those helmets with horns on top or did he maybe rely on his load pipes? :biggrin:


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