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  1. Great looking bike... looks like new 😛 ... i'm just teasing ya'. Also, i noticed it's a DCT. Enjoy!
  2. He already HAS that new "old" part on the bike. The bike may be used as I immagine the dealer does a delivery pre-check anyway and the inspection of the drive shaft would be one the checkpoints for them considering the issued recall... in a perfect world...
  3. The Vfr 1200 F is discontinued since 2016. There is no newer model year so it should be a leftover unit. There's no big deal applying the recall prior or after the delivery even if the bike has the "old" part on it. It's not gonna fail instantly. Just enjoy the bike!
  4. They do wear black, but they are less visible on the street! It's not a "Man In Black" contest, it's about being visible. ✌️ I confirm, the paint code is usually under the seat.
  5. vfr1200f

    Have you ridden a Vfr1200x?

    Yes, I was referring above to riding a 2017 VFR X model. I tried to edit the text but it shows no message to edit, only the reason of editing.
  6. vfr1200f

    Have you ridden a Vfr1200x?

    I did testride last year a 2017 model that one of my buddies has. It was a new bike, test occured after the run-in period, maybe it had around 10k km's onboard. Powerwise it felt slower and too bland, it was my first time on DCT, the engine does not feel so tractive. I like the top end that the F model has. Wind protection is good, better than that of the F model, but it should be expected to be better. I would say it meets the expectations. Heat did not feel an issue but i rode it only outside of the cities so it may not be a balanced opinion. It is a good bike overall, i expected a little more on the engine side, maybe this is also due to the liniarity honda puts into it's engines. I would make the swap only if more ergonomics and long-journey comfort are heavily needed than on the F model. Otherwise, no. Just no. My buddy, on the other hand, just loves his X bike. He bought a 2018 model now, his 2017 was totalled when hit by a car (rider ok). He would not change it for any other bike. I think the bike suits him, he is a little older than me, at 50+ years old.
  7. vfr1200f


  8. vfr1200f

    Dead Dash - Bike Runs Fine!

    It happened once to me to have no upper LED dash lights working, no short beam, no turnsignal indicator, nor high beam. The dials were fine, also fuel, temp meters, speed and trip computer working. I noticed that the turn signal indicators were not showing on the dashboard and stopped to check the bike. I tried some ignition off, then on and restart but to no avail several times. I did only push down some black boxes under the seat, near the battery. There was a "click" with one of them, everything went back to normal and no problems since. I hope it helps. The situation did not replicate since, as always, being at home and close to a repair shop "scares" the problems off. 🙂
  9. vfr1200f

    Possible dct issue

    That's not the oil temp but coolant temperature (water). Oil temp gets up slower than that of the coolant so i would leave it in D for a little more. I have oil temp in my car and it climbs a lot slower than water temp.
  10. vfr1200f


    VFR 1200 pics

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