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  1. Those particular mathematics, though valid, often end up with the analyst saying “I’ll just get the Delkevic headers, and save a ton of money!“ because the headers used to generate the dyno charts are not inexpensive. But the analyst who has not ridden a well tuned VFR with these headers is under-informed. I hate to get up on this soapbox again, but this was my own story too - I truly believed no exhaust system could make a significant difference in my 5 gen’s performance. In 2017 I was traveling on my 5 gen, and visited VFRD member RVFR in Olympia Washington. We went out on a fun ri
  2. With no feedback from the OP about getting his 5 gen onto a dyno, here are the dyno results from the VFRD headers 5 gen test bike. This will save you digging through the header thread - it's 41 pages long. All the dyno runs in the charts below were done on the same day, on the same dyno, by the same dyno tech. The only change made was changing from OEM headers to the VFRD headers, then tuning using a Power Commander 3. Though the charts show good numbers, they cannot communicate the improvement in throttle response across all rpms, especially in the midrange where we spend the most
  3. Couldn’t agree more. Opposing viewpoints are why all of our VFRs are so individual and unique. Each of us uses their own algorithm of cost, effort, benefit, detriment, and more factors than I think of to decide what we do with our motorcycle(s). Again, couldn’t agree more. I definitely see what you’re saying. Perhaps an additional perspective could arise when an individual’s cost/effort/desired result metric is different from your own. Then they might choose to put some of their time and money into their powertrain, where you and I would instead opt for a new se
  4. Wish I'd seen this earlier - it's well worth getting the current K&N HA-8098 'big mouth', especially since you've invested so much time and money. Breathing better is what these headers are all about. When you get back, that is - noticed there hasn't been a report on Dyno Day... Hi DannoXYZ - it's completely understandable to have this opinion...until you ride a VFR that does have a full Two Brothers Racing system or the headers Ughandi is talking about in this thread. With dyno tuning through a Power Commander, the resulting ride experience goes way beyond wha
  5. dudutzu - the 8 gen headers pair the same cylinders as the 5 and 6 gen headers. The only difference is that on the 8 gen, the front two primary tubes are shaped differently to fit behind the front-mounted radiator. 5 and 6 gen have side-mounted radiators. If you've got an 8 gen, check out the 'Full Exhaust System' thread in the 8 gen forum. It is directed at the 8 gen headers and summarizes this header thread in a couple pages, including dyno charts [So you don't have to read through the 41 pages of data that's logged here]. A better summary statement was never mad
  6. Thanks for the detailed report Jim - glad to hear you've been infected with the TRG virus [Throttle-Response-Grin]. It's something of a relief now that more guys are getting the headers set up correctly and reporting back - for a while Duc2V4, RVFR, SamuelX, and I were feeling a bit like we were hollering to the moon.
  7. I hear ya - the faster you go two-up, the more visceral the helmet bumping becomes...
  8. Wow Sparkie - that’s an impressive number of miles. As detailed in his post above, Flya750 makes use of Power Commander’s map switching option - a simple handlebar-mounted switch changes between two fueling maps. In Flya750’s case he toggles at will between the stock fueling map and a performance-tuned map; between effiency and performance. Badger1 below you can see a full system: WiLD headers (WiLD is a nickname donated by a VFRD member) and a high mount muffler. In this case, we used an existing Yoshimura canister, but cut it down a few inches shorter than it came from Yosh. Fitt
  9. We don’t see ponying up for extra sets of headers as a feasible option. We’re checking to see if the tube-bending guy might get started on our current order if he gets paid for bending 15 sets, but only has to bend tubes for ~ 10 sets.
  10. Hey Skids - just saw the photo of your VFR1200 on your profile - beautiful motorbike! On fuel economy, we don’t have it so bad w our VFRs, even with the headers and a fuel-generous tune. I just did a big airbox/velocity stack mod on my RVS4 and dropped in a race tuned map (w quick shift and autoblip - heheh) - now the fuel warning light comes on around 70 miles into a full tank and I’d better pull in by 95 miles or I’ll be stranded trackside. ‘Course the tank is only 3.5 gallons, but still.
  11. Here are two versions of the 8 gen dyno chart. The graphs were both generated on the same day, on the same dyno, by the same dyno tech. The professional VFRD crew did the exhaust swap in the Attack parking lot, and the dyno work was all done by Jozef at Attack Performance in Huntington Beach CA. Attack is the top race shop in California - they run the Attack Performance Yamaha factory superbike race team, with riders Cameron Beaubier [2020 MotoAmerica superbike champion] and Jake Gagne [2nd in the 2020 MotoAmercia superbike championship]. Each dyno chart has three graph lines:
  12. We proposed to Wade that we’d consider paying his mandrel tube-bending subcontractor the total amount for bending his minimum order of 15 sets even though we’d only be purchasing 10 sets. Thanks to VFRD member Dangeruss for this creative potential solution. The minimum order is the bender’s requirement, not Wade’s. The response was a bit cryptic, so we are continuing the conversation in an attempt to get a clear answer.
  13. Any chance of putting up the Dyno charts for the headers please fink - later tonight, when back to my laptop, I’ll post the 8 gen before-and-after dyno sheets here so you won’t have to sift through the behemoth header thread to find them.
  14. Yeah you do! I was not ready to have my 5th gen mind changed, but when I rode a deluxe model 8 gen...
  15. Mello dude - thanks for the props and link. Badger1, there’s a deep deep ocean of info in that header thread - probably too much. I say that even though - or maybe because - I am co-culprit w VFRD member Duc2V4 on the whole header ride. In a nutshell, the headers in the thread linked by mello dude make significant improvement to torque and horsepower, especially in the midrange 7000-10000rpm where we have the most fun on our VFRs. The headers make an even more dramatic improvement on the 8 gen than they do on 5 or 6 gens. The 8 gen benefits most because Honda speci
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