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  1. New rear view mirrors from Thurn. VFR800Fi 2000-2001 mirrors. I flushed the front brakes again and seems ok now. Not impressed with the stopping power but ok for now. Next is rear tyre replacement. It's from 2011 (ouch) but there's something worse. It's a 180/55 which is supposed to be no problem on a 3rd Gen rear wheel bit I noticed again that on some part of the rotation (let say over 10 degrees), the tyre actually touches the swingarm which is really bad!!! It only happens for a small portion of the rotation but I don't like it (and it's not normal)
  2. Hi guys, I am not quitting, just got plenty of things going on for the last 10 months, including no more garage at my new place and an insane new toy (2009 Kawi Ninja ZX-10R) as a daily driver. I just got to get my VFR back and ride it. It has been almost 4 years since I got it and "only" slightly less than 300 km. I probably rode around 200 km last summer, then I re-opened the engine to change the valve stem seals which proved to be efficient since the bike is not smoking anymore 😉 I did not ride it enough to measure the final oil consumption. T
  3. Nope Dutchy, this is just my rain suit. I would have never tought that I would be trendy one day with that suit 😉
  4. Hi guys, Plenty of things going on in my life recently like new house, no more garage (...), new job, same wife hopefully 😉 My Bandit is stuck with strange electrical gremlins mixed with carb issues since last November (more than 3 month ago), I barely finished my VFR restoration and rode it for something like 150 km just before I moved to my new place. My friend offered me to borrow his 2007 Triumph Street Triple 675 (he barely uses it) in exchange of good care (and catching up on the maintenance). My wife told me I would need to buy a more recent motorcycle (understan
  5. And I just noticed that I started this thread 3 years ago (and 6 days). It's definitely the time to ride it...
  6. Because I don't want to accept easily the defeat, I dismantled the engine again... I removed it from the engine, removed the 2 cylinder heads to change the valve seals. I took this opportunity to lap all 16 valves properly with this tool which worked great. The seal I got from the Bay were fine. Some old one were ovals, no surprise they were leaking. That was obviously before: and after the lapping The whole thing took me more time that I thought. Engine is now back in the frame and I synch'ed this bad girl. Fires like a ch
  7. The story continues... So today was my 2nd ride. I went to work back and forth 2 times (I went back home for lunch) for an incredible total of 48km, yeehah!!!! It went smoothly, fires really quick at startup, no weird things, that was really cool... except for the temperature... This thing is so hot, I feel like she's trying to rost me Good thing is that white smoke really dropped even if still there, but that is less dramatic than during my first ride. I'll check the oil level tomorrow but I think I will barely notice the difference in terms of oil level. I quickly
  8. And this is finally time for my first ride report, like for real folks!!!! Date: 01 July 2018 - not far from 3 years after I collected her. Seemed like an eternity. Conditions: Fu$%ing way too hot in full (summer) gears. It was 02:00PM and like 30 degrees C (86 deg F apparently), no wind. General idea: Go to the gas station, put some gas and put tyres to correct pressure, and ride it in the neighborhood so if it stalls for any reason, I can push it back to home (neighborhood is more or less flat, rather more than less if I have to push the bik
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