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  1. JZH, the battery was already an old one and the electrical problems had not yet begun when I replaced it. Thanks for letting me know about the possibility that the battery can be damaged by replacing it with these problems it is having. The weather in the part of Oregon I live in has not been good enough to ride a lot yet. I will read up on this problem, check the wiring, and , if need be, replace fuses....or harnesses.
  2. Grum, thanks again. I certainly would like to download a service manual. I do have a paper clymer manual, but sometimes digital forms are nice to have also. I’ll check on the cables and wires too.
  3. Grum and joelF, thank you for your time and advice. I will let you know what happens when I can get to it. It sounds like I may need to get more fuses soon and check the wiring too. I do not have a great mind for electricity. The three part aviation electricity classes I took taught me something and some left my mind. I was about to dig into the throttle grip control cluster and clean it up, but maybe I don’t need to now.
  4. Hello, fellow 5th Geners. I would like to ask a question with a little back story added to it. I have a '98 vfr with 37K miles on the odometer. For six months now (it is now 16 May 2020) on occasion I would use my key to switch from 'steering lock' to 'off' to 'ignition on' and my vfr. Then I press the start button and all of the power drops off. No lights, no numbers on the right lcd screen. No power to anything. Even turning the key off and on has no effect. The warning lights (red and green) turn off also. The engine kill switch is always on. I rarely use it to turn the engine off, but some
  5. Sounds like Ryleev4 has his plans buttoned down. Kudos to ya, man. I’ve got a pretty much stock ‘98. Has helibars, have not installed a highway windscreen yet. And I need to fix the throttle grip heater. I like using it since I’m in the Portland Oregon area. I drove 650 miles round trip to get this vfr in 2015 and I love it.
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