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  1. Bmart, yeah. It is a sweet Concurse, I’d say, too. I had to look up the Concourse. The 1400 Concourse is a shaft drive. I saw one a few years back and I liked it. Had luggage on it. That Concourse in the photo is one of our group rider’s bikes. Mike. He’s a good guy. He usually goes without his side cases on our group rides.
  2. Stray, Sorry. I’m late to the party. I’m doing this flush the way you describe. I was not able to discern which one of the three bolt heads facing down (next to the oil filter) was the cylinder head drain bolt. I passed on that step. I am in the middle of the task 1/2 vinegar 1/2 distilled water on the warming up cycle and the radiator fan has already turned on. I will update after the procedure is complete. Thank you for your suggestions. j. Lawson Portland, OR area. 2031 hrs (8:31 post meridian. Aka: p.m.). I was dismissed from work early today because I’m a bit sick with a cough. Not the ‘vid’ or ‘nom nom nicron’. That’s my pet name for omicron strain or however you spell it. So, I took the time to flush the radiator. I am using the Honda Type 2 (blue color) pre-mixed (50/50) coolant in my vfr. Tomorrow, I will check the mix at the filler cap with a suction bulb tester. Then I will put the fairings back on. I took the time to ……crap…..(not poo-poo, but ‘dog on it’). I should change the engine oil and filter, too, while the fairings are off. Yes, that was an honest thought I had earlier and just remembered it. Anyway. I will attach photos. From left to right: 1st gallon jug: What came out of the engine. It was below the required 50/50 mix. 2nd gallon jug: After using 50/50 distilled white vinegar (5% acidity) and distilled water. 3rd gallon: After using 5 Tbsp of Soda crystals mixed with 0.75 gallon (3 quarts) of distilled water. 4th gallon: Straight distilled water. The bike didn’t like this one as it reached 250*F the digital temp. gauge started flashing at the 250*F. I turned off the engine and let it cool while I washed the fairings in the tub. After all that, I drained the distilled water, flushed another gallon of distilled water down the filler cap with the drain bolt removed. I plugged the drain hole and then filled the radiator(s) with the Honda Type 2 coolant.
  3. Good day, fellow riders. I went on another group ride for 125 miles. There were four of us. Stopped off at Hagg lake (south west of Forest Grove, Oregon). The road around the lake was the ideal smoothness for all roads. I would go back there just to ride on that loop around the lake. Anyway. The group leader took a photo of us individually in front of the lake. When I got home, I swapped out the OEM wind screen for my new D200S from Givi. I am waiting for a pair of Forma Jasper riding boots to be delivered now, too. Wednesday, Portland, Oregon is supposed to be 71 and cloudy, but no rain. May ride my bike to work.
  4. MaxSwell, haha. Yes, only I showed great ‘gentlemen’s’ taste in riding a vfr. Thanks for that. Hehehehe. Also, I’m taking a plunge into the Givi sport touring D200S model wind screen option. I am ready to try out what less air resistance feels like on my chest. It’s not too spendy and the benefit is what I am looking forward to.
  5. Dutchy, you made me chuckle. Haha. Thanks.
  6. To both of you fine ‘gents’, I agree. I will have to try one out first. It does look a bit ‘off’, but I am as well a bit off. So, maybe, it’s perfect for me. Also, is there a specific model of ‘Monokey’ version I should try out first? Luggage capacity vs…..? Thank you for your input. jim
  7. At Bmart, I don’t mind having one. I have to save up for one. It was just an opinion my Uncle emailed me. I don’t know why he feels that way. He just does. Here are three photos of my first wife, Jen, and our kids. The last photo is of us three dressed up, is when we were in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany in 2009-2010. There is a U.S. military hotel there for military families for sight seeing. While there, we went to the Zugspite (the tallest place in the Alps bordering Austria and Germany at 9,718 feet) in a cable tram and was a very scary endeavor for me since I’m afraid of heights. She made all three of the traditional ‘dirndls’ that they are wearing. I had no lederhosen to wear. (I was in the US Army, Active duty at the time. Now, Reserves). While stationed in Germany, we went to the Neuschwanstein castle, in Austria, (commonly referred to as the inspiration for the Disney Castle). No photos allowed inside. We went to the ‘Eagles Nest’ aka: Kehlstein Haus that was built for Adolf Hitler outside of Berchtesgaden. If you have ever seen HBO’s Band of Brothers, it’s ‘that’ place. Excellent views and had a late lunch of venison. We went to Munich a lot because we lived really close to it, at Katterbach Kaserne, near Ansbach, Bavaria. I miss my first wife and I am an idiot. I think she’s smokin’ hot.
  8. At Bmart: I’m sorry. I just noticed, today 12 April ‘22, your response. I apologize. 1: Thanks for letting me know about your friend and his Himalayan. Good to read. 2: I have not ridden, ever, with a top case. I only just now ever started riding with any cases. New experience for me. My uncle says he will never ride with a top case, will ride with side cases, but a duffel he would put on a rack or on the seat on the back. Never a top case though. 3: About the self-punishment: Routinely, I visit my dominatrix just for the kicks……oh…..oops, you meant how many motorbikes. I got it now. That kind of self-punishment. Disregard the former and stick to the latter. 😉 At Ducnut: I like the look of that SWM. A bit of a scrambler look to it. At TimC: Thanks for the thoughts. I appreciate it. There is a lot to say. One thing: I should have never left my first wife. She was a much better wife to me. The grass is never greener on the other side of the fence. I like your outlook on not having to worry about a spouse wondering where I am and why I’m not back yet, unless she’s riding with you/me/anybody on your ride or on her own ride. That would be nice. No, I have not a new person to be connected to. If I did, it would be my first wife. I can find a photo of her and I together and I will put one up. I don’t mind sharing. And, thanks, I hope things get better for me too. I appreciate that. I hope life is going well for you and all of us bike riders on this site. Thanks.
  9. Rode on the 2nd of April with ocmag (oregon city motorcycle adventure group). There were six of us. I’m second from the left and the only Interceptor. And I installed my Givi rack setup I bought as a Christmas gift to myself.
  10. I test rode the ‘22 RE INT650 two weeks ago. I liked it, but I am not going to sell my vfr for it. I would rather have two bikes. Also, I just installed the Givi side racks and top case mount on my vfr last Wednesday evening. I am adding a stock photo to show you. I don’t have the large cases or a top case. I do have a pair of the older E-21 smaller, rounded cases my wife got me over a year ago.
  11. Superfunkomatic, Until I looked it up on my map, I never heard of rowena curves. Now I know where they are, but I’ve never ridden that far on two wheels before. On a different note, I did test ride this royal enfield today. That’s not me standing by the bike. That’s Phil, a sales rep. at the Harley dealer in Tigard, oregon. It was a quick and fun ride. It is new (2022), but I don’t want to give up my vfr.
  12. Ducnut, Hi there. Where is swfl? Southwest Florida? Sorry, not familiar with the lingo. Well, today was pleasantly sunny. 43.3 miles to the crown point vista house overlooking the gorge. I forgot my frakin’ mask (battlestar galactica reference anyone? No…? Okay never mind) and I had to use my shirt as a face covering to go inside the vista house. Anyway. Me backside was getting a bit sore after nearing the end of my ride back home. Had some chow and headed back out to check out a brand new (6.7 miles on the clock) royal enfield continental gt 650 at the Tigard Harley Davidson shop. It is a distributor of the RE. It is a tad tall. My feet lay flat on the ground whilst sitting on my vfr, but noticeably not so flat when seated on the gt in the showroom floor. I am taking it for a test ride tomorrow. Two new gts were sold yesterday. I’ll get a photo of it to share. It looks very nice. I might need a heavily padded seat if I ever get a gt. 20220225: Updating info: I originally posted this message above on 2 October 2021. Eight days later my 47 year-old hot ‘Kiwi’ (NewZealand) wife cheated on me. She would say we were separated. I disagree on the technicalities of this claim. I asked her on the night of the 13th of October, as she was walking out of the neighbors house, and she admitted to it. The next door neighbor is 15 years older than her. WTF?! The SOB was 62 years old last October. Yuck. And the other neighbor actually congratulated him for doing it through her. What an asshole. Divorce pending.
  13. Good day, fellow Vfr riders. I’m heading to Multnomah falls via the scenic hwy off of Troutdale exit (16) east off of I-84. Anybody want to accompany? Last week I did a boring route. Went on 205 north from the Bridgeport area to the sellwood bridge to hwy 26 west. Exited at Jackson school road going south. Went through west side of Hillsboro on towards hwy 219 south towards Sherwood and ended near Tualatin. My a$$ was sore, holy cow. I’m not a spring chicken anymore. And that’s with a sergeant seat. Not stock, although I still have the stock seat. Have a great day every one.
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