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  1. You have to find one the same size as the OEM filter or it will not fit into the space. There is a very tight fit to get a filter in and out of a 2014 (8th gen model), in fact the OEM filter is a tight squeeze. The filter must fit between the radiator, header, vapor canister, radiator bracket, and hoses from the canister. If you dont have the vapor canister it would be alot easier, but a bigger filter wont fit regardless. From my first oil change post, to get an idea of the space you have available. You can see the front of the filter behind the header in the photo. Ive been told there is a purolator filter that is the same dimensions of the OEM filter and cost almost half the price and is suppiosed to be a better quality filter. Somewhere on another post the number of that filter was mentioned.
  2. I keep forgetting to post this photo, I really like this license plate frame. Thank you Cam for making these.
  3. PM sent, Ill try one out, compare it to the plate holder I have currently, Ill see which one I like better.
  4. I cant remember if one came off easy by just pressing against it with my fingers, and one I clamped a vice grip to hold it against the surface behind it. Its been a while now. I wonder if yours was not threaded correctly in the first place?
  5. I think I held the plates still and it came loose without too much difficulty. They do spin if you dont hold them still.
  6. Keep in mind the license plate frame made by competition werkes does not eliminate the light (you can see it in my photos), in fact the plate is in the same position as the OEM plastic plate holder (maybe a hair closer to the license plate light actually), you are just replacing the plate holder that has the long sail looking fender. I keep reflectors on my bike so that other drivers have a better chance of seeing me, also because they are required in most places by law. I see alot of tail tidy kits on bikes and plate frames that are illegal for on road use because they eliminate too much required equipment, or those that are installed incomplete to eliminate required safety equipment on purpose.
  7. House found this solution, in fact this one on my bike came from him, it was the extra one he had. Amazon also sells the same product maybe a tiny bit less, Im not sure. Give him credit for this one.
  8. I agree with you on that. At least there should be some way to unbolt and remove them if you arent using them.
  9. Like this, its a Competition Werkes fender minimizer kit. Its stainless steel and made for the vfr1200. You just have to cut the tab off of the top to make it fit the vfr800. The OEM piece drops off with one bolt. I used these smaller reflectors to mount it. Since I took the 2nd picture I replaced the plastic OEM bolts with 2 more reflectors. http://www.competitionwerkes.com/products/Honda/2012/VFR1200/fender-minimizer-kit-1H1200
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