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  1. Also, I owned an 04 VFR 800 for 2 years, put about 15k miles on it and it also had a noisy cam tensioner. I never replaced the tensioner on that one either. The bike was smoother and quieter overall but it wasn't beat up like my 05 and it only had 20K miles when I purchased it.
  2. I own a 2005 VFR800. I've had it since January 2014. When I purchased it it had about 40K miles. Since then I have put about 30K miles. I always changed the oil around 3k miles(defitnely at least once a year, my mileage varies). Since I've owned it has exhibited the familiar clacking sounds of a failing timing chain tensioner(the front one). It comes and goes, but is almost always present on cold starts. I have changed oil brands and viscosities and it has negligible effects on the noise. The noise almost always goes completely away when the bike warms up. Some rare times it will make
  3. VFR 800 is a great bike. Mine has 73,000 hard miles on her and is the most reliable bike in my fleet. I can never part with her. Just a great all around bike.
  4. This thread is awesome. I just got mine, the RC51 is just a classic amazing machine. So unique. I love your bike. And I love mine.....lol
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