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  1. mello dude, I will reach out to you this winter, probably a winter project. Thanks
  2. ShipFixer, what did you replace your r/r with? Looking at the vfrness and sh847
  3. I was changing the coolant on my newly acquired 2002 , only 7200 miles when I got it a couple weeks ago, and while getting the temp up to operating level I was looking at the rectifier and it was hot to touch. Is that normal ? It is the honda part, owner did not change anything except the recall on wiring up front. Thanks
  4. I found my VFR, a true barn find. 2002 with 7200 miles, plastics are great shape. Had to but a battery and front tire. The sound is awesome. I did go for a ride after new tire and battery to get fresh fuel and was thinking I may have pulled the trigger on the wrong bike. My wrists were hurting in a 15 minute ride. I took my crampbuster off my ST1300 and went riding the next day with friends. Crampbuster was the ticket. No problems at all. Thanks for all the input.
  5. Hey thanks for the offer to ride yours. We ride that way sometimes on Sundays. 2 weeks ago we went through carrolton, been by cadiz salem and if you go through saline or salineville, can't remember go sloowww. cop has a habit of following of pulling out in front and go flying ahead and backing in a driveway trying to get you. he got my uncle, doing 32 in 25.
  6. New member, and have been looking at the VFR800's for awhile. I have a NT700v with low miles and a ST1300. Like them both but throwing around selling the NT and looking for a VFR. Got to have 2 in the garage, just in case one breaks down. lol. I like the 6th gen, but open to others. I would have to put risers on, watched a few videos and looks easy enough. Any suggestions on years , what to look for etc. Would be nice to trade, but posting the NT on marketplace. Thanks
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