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  1. Pulled the wiring harness last night. This is gonna be a project all in itself!
  2. Very nice, thanks for the info. I have gone back and forth on what I want to do with the rear - CBR swap, ZX-14 or aftermarket. Cogent sounds nice, but might be a bit more $$$ than I'm looking to do. I have a buddy who works at a local shop and could do some work on it so may try to scoop the Ohlins unit @artpongs mentioned. In regards to the front end, they are going to be sent off to be re-worked soon to the buddy I mentioned - they def need some tweaking. I hope to have her ready by the PRBs Fall RIde, but who knows with all thats going on...I'm gonna be trying my best! What is that event? Never heard of it. Love your bike btw!!!
  3. Nice, yeah I heard its supposed to real nice tomorrow...makes me wish I had a machine in rideable condition!
  4. Damn thats nice, I wonder how much it would cost to get a spring and rebuild.
  5. Ahh nice! I'm west of you out in the Bristow/Gainesville area. I work in Alexandria. You ever make it out to Skyline Drive or out west to ride?
  6. Haha yeah, those mods sound about right on par with what I would want to do for stage 1. Of course, that only lasts so long before looking at what else can be done! ???
  7. Thanks! I am hoping to achieve rhose results by the end of this journey. ?? In regards to timeframe, it's pretty much up in the air since my schedule is so erratic these days with the kiddos, but I would like to be close to roadworthy in the next 3-4 months. To be honest I havent even thought about engine mods at all because Im so wrapped up in other aspects of the build. What do you think would be some simple mods worthy of taking on? I know nown is the best time to do them since the bike is apart, but I'm trying to balance funds with the "absolutely necessary " vs "nice to have", but cheap/easy mods would be something to consider.
  8. I decided it was time to share my work in progress, a '92 VFR build - codename: "Vianca". This is my first foray into modifying/building a motorcycle and it has been quite the learning experience thus far. Without the help of communities like this one, DIY'ers like myself would surely be lost. Background I bought the bike from a guy off Craigslist for $1000 along with another project bike - a Honda Magna VF500c (my next project after this one). Two running bikes for under $2k - I was pumped!!! The VFR was done up as a streetfigher with some CBR parts (subframe, 929rr front-end) and overall ran pretty well, but needed some work. It was involved in slow low-side and it was suffering from the results of that lay down. It would have some trouble starting every now and then (starter clutch) and had a really loud knocking sound (heres a Youtube video of the sound), so those would have to be addressed. In addition to that, I wasn't a huge of the styling, color choice and especially the exhaust sound - way too ratty for my taste. After viewing some Youtube videos of what these bikes can really sound like, I knew immediately I wanted a deeper tone, but more on that later. Here is how she sat when I bought her: Planning & Inspiration Before setting off into the build I wanted to have some semblance of plan so I wouldn't spend a fortune trying to decide on a design direction. My overall goal for the bike was to simply swap out a few things here and there to have a roadworthy machine that looked decent and was reliable for the next season. That plan lasted maybe a whole two days - thanks internet. After seeing what some of you guys have done here on these forums and finding inspiration builds like @SEBSPEED and @apexandy I knew I wasn't going to be happy with a little tweaking - I needed...the full monty...within reason, of course. Ultimately, I found myself gravitating towards the speed triple and ducati monster look, so I decided that my best bet was to mock something up in Photoshop. I am familiar with the application (web designer by trade) so it was going to be the easiest way to see what I really liked. About 20 minutes later I had a rough idea thrown together: I am 100% sure this will change as the project evolves and if I can achieve even 50% of what is pictured above I will be beyond happy for my first build. Juggling work and a young family eats up the majority of my time, so the build gets my attention only after the kiddos are down and obligations are met. With a basic idea and mock up it was time to begin tearing her down. The Teardown (WARNING: Lots of Pics) With a Honda manual in one hand and wrench in the other, the teardown began! Seat off and checking things out Bye bye CBR subframe Poor frame was hacked up to bits Feeling naked now! Mmmmm...Carbs Carbs removed The source of that sound we all love! Crankcase cover removed...hmmm whats that? Upon closer inspection, you can see the cracks on the outer rim of the starter clutch. Additionally, those gold bolts were so loose when I took the cover off that they were about ready to fall out. Glad I caught this before something really bad happened. Houston we have a problem. Remember that "clackity-clack-clack" noise? Yeah, I found it. Blowing out lighters all day long. Also, check out that other bolt...WTF!? Hahaha Front cylinder head removed. Gonna need a bigger bench! Score! Picked up a Harbor Freight lift for super cheap and threw on a beefier wheel chock. Much easier to work on the bike this way. Removing the shock and Two Bros left-exit exhaust system. These pipes have seen better days. Trying to clean them up a bit. Its no sand or vapor blaster, but its helping. Hey, not too bad! Nice to have some helpers around the shop! Scored a Ducati Monster 696 seat on the cheap. Thanks Ebay! Was so excited I had to mock it up real quick. I like the way this is looking. Time to tackle the swingarm Current State That pretty much brings us up to speed on where the project is at this point. I am waiting the specialized tool to remove the castellated swingarm nut (another Ebay special), but I may get tired of waiting and just fab one up from an old socket and use the special tool tighten everything up properly. After that its on to cleaning things up and addressing the front end. Lots to do! I will try to update this thread as often as I can for those that may be interested, but feel free to follow along on via my Instagram account here - its easier to post quick updates with my phone then to rummage back through photos. Happy building!
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