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  1. My 2000 has 90k miles and looks a wee bit different...;-) Hope you enjoy....
  2. Hi doug5551, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. Wow! All these roads tempting us. I have done Bluetooth Pass and Chief Joseph he highway once. Haven't done Going to the Sun. Hope I get to see these roads again!
  4. Just went over 90K miles on my great yellow 2000 VFR. Had a wonderful 200 mile ride to Newcombs Ranch and Wrightwood in SoCal. Perfect weather, beautiful Fall colors and many twisties! Love this bike and can't wait for more miles to come.
  5. Just turned over 89k miles. Still love my 2000. I'm now riding it two up. Would have more miles but I have a FJR and a Hayabusa.
  6. Y2K with 77K. I got it used with 16K almost exactly 7 years ago today. I put 58K on in 3 years, then about 2k over the last 4 years as I got an FJR which has been my primary ride since then. I just got my VFR serviced today, and plan to keep it and see how far I can go. Thanks for posting this thread, as I am interested in the responses, too.
  7. doug5551


    Yeah, The picture is of my riding partner Khyron's wife. The picture was taken in winter two years ago. Khyron said it was over a place near San Diego called the Sunrise Highway. Seat is a Corbin w/ additional backrest.
  8. Many thanks for sharing that you went over 100K on your bike. I have closely followed your mileage progress and it is great you made that milestone. Your bike sure does not sit parked in a garage all the time. I love seeing bikes that get a lot of use and are not garage queens. I am at 59K on my 2000 and trying to catch up...
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