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  1. I've listed my 2007 RWB bodywork on Ebay at a much reduced price if anyone is interested: Left panel: SOLD. Right Panel & Tail section still available.
  2. I have some body panels from a 2007 RWB VFR800 I'm not using and need to move . The left panel is used, and has a tiny scratch in the red decal, almost too small to notice. Call it a 9.5 out of 10. The right panel is new OEM, never used. If you look at the pictures you can see why. The blue is not an exact match. It is darker than the panels the bike came with. Whether this is due to fading on the originals or just poor quality control on Honda's part I don't know. The camera makes the shade difference appear worse that it actually is. I also am selling a used tail piece. It's in good condition with the exception of two poorly touched-up rub marks you can see in the pictures. I think it's where the rear seat cowl rubbed on the tail section. Call it an 8 out of 10. I'm asking $600 plus $150 shipping for the set. Give it some time and if no-one wants the whole set, I'll consider selling each piece separately but they would cost a little more, plus shipping. Shipping is steep because of the oversize boxes these panels require. Thanks!
  3. That's the nicest Hawk I've ever seen. You'd have people standing in line if you ever decide to sell it. Most Hawks are pretty ratty by now. Your example makes me want to buy one and throw money at it!
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