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  1. Do you have a scottoiler and if so which model? Did you install it yourself?
  2. So long story short. Gas was spilled on the rattle can paint job that was done on my 02 VFR 800. The color on it now is metallic black. Seeing how i did an insurance claim and i am gonna recieve a check for the damage, I was thinking about getting my paint sprayed at a collision center. Because I know people I can get all the plastics sprayed for cost of the paint and some beer. My question now is, although I love the metllic black look, I also like the maroon color i've seen on some 6th gens. I don't know what years they are, but was looking to see if anyone knew what the name of the color was and the paint code. At this point i'm still undecided. Any help is much appreciated, even if it is timmy talking me into keeping it black(cause it is the fastest color).
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