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  1. Beautiful 5th gen in excellent condition. I've owned it since around 2008 and have kept her garaged since then. Well maintained (by me). It's a European model but is easy to register in the states, but does read metric for odometer and temp. Very unique Honda wing decal makes it almost one of a kind. Runs and drives great. VFRNess mod has been done and no issues with charging. 30,550 miles Tires: just 700 miles on Bridgestone T30 Evo tires front and rear Battery replaced 3 months ago Micron exhaust Blemishes: all caused by me while standing still. Small dent in tank on left from garage drop. Small scratch on right fairing from a parking lot drop. Crack in windscreen from unknown source - it's hard to see unless you're looking for it. Chain/Sprocket: 4980 miles since both were replaced Asking $3800.00 Call Tom at 770-329-1410 with any questions
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