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  1. You cats rock! Thanks for the encouragement and have no fear - I'll be back...

  2. Hey melvis, I hope you'll be back to VFRD asap or at least at the start of the new MotoGP season. :biggrin:

  3. Come back to us Melvis - we miss you!

  4. Looking forward to another MR installment - congrats on the new job (more $s I hope!) and good to read that the overall trend is positive at the Melvis household!

  5. Thanks mate - all things must pass, however as of late things are absolutely brilliant as I've got a killer new job, my family is doing fab and the only thing I can really bitch about is lack of riding and writing time! As for the latter I need to muster up something suitable droll to sum up a yawner of a season but for a few choice tidbits ;-) Cheers to you and your loved ones...

  6. G'day Melvis - I was sorry to read about your recent loss, hope you and your loved ones are healing.

  7. Noooooooooo!!!!! :angry: I hope the Man is all right....
  8. Good to "meet" you lads and have faces to go with your posts - and nice pics too - cheers! :beer:
  9. Good show! Your bike looks shaweet! Buuuut, you forgot to paint your fork lowers... or would that be too much white? :beer:
  10. melvis


    Aww, it's taking a nap! No but really, can't help but feel a bit queasy and somewhat voyeuristic - kinda like looking at upskirt piccies on the 'net... :biggrin:
  11. Gotta agree with all the other wankers, this thing is off the hook! :unsure: And never mind the black guards in the crowd, everyone knows red is the fastest colour... :fing02:
  12. melvis

    ixtlan 3.JPG

    :biggrin: I know that road! Although I never travelled it on a VFR... Beautiful shot - and being from Mexico it stirred up a lot of memories. I would love to ride south of the border someday, although I'd take a middleweight adventure bike. Judging by the pics your trip musta been epic - good on ya!
  13. Aaarrggghh! Big Bummer that gravity conspired against you and your lovely bike. Glad to hear that you're not in pieces (gotta love ATGATT!) and as for La Moto de FotoMoto- no doubt she'll ride again. Heal quick and good luck!
  14. Ahh - I think I have it - it is a gravity induction angular contact ball holder. It mounts in a special cutout thermic flangemabobulator inside the saddle and assists the pilot to remain in contact with his bike during extreme lean angle situations when the sphincter contractions exceed gravity constraints. :cool:
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