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  1. kostritzer


    Definitely an NC30. Here's a link to his blog: http://hondanc30.blogspot.com/
  2. kostritzer

    DSC 0085

    Love the small headlight RC30's. I know that was standard spec in Japan, did Australia get them like that as well?
  3. One of the nicest looking naked viffers I've seen. Any more shots from different angles?
  4. I have bolted a 6th gen frame to a 5th gen engine without issue(and that's as far as I got!). If I were to do this project I would try to keep the 5th gen engine management with the 5th gen engine, and leave everything else 6th gen. You could always convert the ignition to the Denso stick coils to avoid trying to find a place to mount the bulky 5th gen coils. Here's a link to my discontinued project bike. I would love to start another one of these days! http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/64414-vfr800-track-project/#entry755336
  5. Thanks for being the guinea pig! My wiring harness is all stripped down to the basics for ignition/starter, just waiting to see if the cop's are going to work before I finish it up!
  6. I may be interested in a slipper eventually, I remember my 5th gen having a lot of engine braking. Good to know that there's one that fits and that I can buy it from you! I like the oil cooler setup as well, I'll probably be running the stock cooler for now until I get more of the bike sorted. Really jealous of your 2 bros. full system!
  7. If this is in fact the case, shouldn't this mean this mod is possible on the VFR, and should be fairly easy??? Thats what im hoping! Soon as oil cooler pipes come back shortened and rewelded to help fit different shape oil cooler, can get these COPs tested. Let see some pics of your oil cooler setup, I'm nearly at that point with mine as well.
  8. Not to mention it will be blocking airflow when you're moving.
  9. Every Denso 2 pin COP uses the same connector as far as I know.
  10. kostritzer


    Great looking bike, love the simplicity. Are you running a fuel pump, or gravity feed?
  11. Well, he does already have a nice RC30, I figured this one was just a fun track bike built on the cheap. If he put an RC30 engine in it then the value would definitely go up.
  12. Maybe ultimate frankenviffer was a little bit of an exaggeration. Rick definitely could have gone further with the bike, but it looks like he was trying to put it together without spending a fortune on it. That being said, I'd love to see this bike with everything HondRV4 has done to his bike on it. I have to believe the RC30 frame is a better base for a track bike, but as I haven't finished my 4th gen track bike I don't know what weaknesses it will have or if I'm even skilled enough as a rider to notice them. As for the breather, in the article it says seat or tank clearance was the issue as either the heads and/or valve covers are taller on the 750F engine.
  13. I'd definitely be up for experimenting with them, but its going to be awhile before my 4th gen is back together. Its funny, I actually ran these same coils years ago on my Audi urS4 without doing any testing or comparing of the stock vs. stick coils. The car ran great on them right up until the day I sold it!
  14. As far as I know all 4th gens and earlier are TCI, not sure about the fuel injected models.
  15. I didn't see anything written about resistance of the stock RC51 coils in that thread(kinda skimmed throught it), but Thorsten Durbahn mentioned on one page that the RC51 and RC30 use a CDI box instead of a TCI like our VFR's do. Apparently they've been using the stick coils on the RC51's with good success. The concern is potential damage to the ignition box or coils over a long period of time. This may be one of those thing where someone is going to have to be the guinea pig and try it out. If my bike were together I'd be more than willing to try it.
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