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  1. Porl

    Three rides in one day

    Couldn't decide what to ride on this stunning Spring day. Rode the same Adelaide Hills roads three times on three very different bikes. One clockwise loop, two anticlockwise loops. One very happy motorcyclist.
  2. Porl

    IMG 3338

    Thanks Larry, and no, not any HRC bits on my bike. It's all stock JDM with the exception of CDI and carb jetting. Hopefully I'll catch up with Jamie again soon, only met him 2 days ago, known his brother for many years though.
  3. Porl

    IMG 3338

    Thanks Clinty. I think it cleaned up quite well. Now I just need to get together with Jamie_C for a combined RC30, RC45 ride and photo session.
  4. Porl

    VFR750F 1995

    Porl's '95 VFR750FS
  5. Porl

    DSC 0085

    Australia, New Zealand and Japan got the small headlights. Mine's a deristricted JDM model with ROW mirrors. Standard JDM mirrors are black. Would have loved an AU/NZ bike but they're just too hard to come by, especially unmolested. There were only 145 of them. On the other hand there were just over 1000 JDM bikes.
  6. Porl

    Last day of winter 2013

    Chain of Ponds, 31st August, wuhoo! 1st ride on the RC30 post shoulder surgery - ouch, but the weather was too good not to. Also with new chain, sprockets, fluids, jet kit, valve clearances done, brake pads.
  7. Porl

    18 June 13

    All 3 of my bikes. Includes first pics of my RC30 - before cleaning/restoration.
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