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  1. Sorry, but (AGAIN) part made me think of this poster
  2. ^^^ what he said! T storms keep my bike "clean"
  3. Use dish soap...and a lot of it. It should seat with 80 psi or so. Getting the tire warm also helps.
  4. They look ok...and it will give you somewhere to mount highway pegs too
  5. cruzinaz

    Dan Stunin (10).JPG

    I'm with you on this one, his bike his body. A friend of mine is a stunter and has crazy skillz, funny tho... he doesnt care much for the corners but has no problem doing a 100+mph wheelie. :blink: :blink: And before someone jumps on that comment...it was at the race track and he was part of the entertainment. :fing02:
  6. cruzinaz


    One major disadvantage of "tracking" an older machine. I could have a high pipe built, but it would be pretty much cost-prohibitive considering the age of the bike. Now a dedicated track bike.......................... ? :fing02: are you talking about tracking an old guy or your bike is old???
  7. I'm callin BS on that BR :laughing6-hehe: :laughing6-hehe: :laughing6-hehe: Unless that motor has over 100k on it :biggrin:
  8. :laughing6-hehe: :laughing6-hehe: :laughing6-hehe: :laughing6-hehe: I'm right there with you on that!
  9. Hey Seb, was looking at your to do list and I dont see the clutch cover mod in there. Whats up with that? :biggrin:
  10. Change oil, new chain and sprockets, new rear shock, and fill it with fuel and keep riding :biggrin: Seb, you are truly "lucky" to have all that time to work on projects :laughing6-hehe:
  11. cruzinaz

    VF1000R Castle

    WOW!!! Awesome job Kel :wink:
  12. :happy: :happy: Ive been on that road :mad:
  13. Wheres the mohawk? You lucky bastige
  14. I'm speechless, and trust me that doesnt happen often :blink:
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