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  1. I know this entire topic is obsolete now that a reflash is available, but I went for the Z-Bomb because I had an E-Bay gift certificate for $50 and blew my motorcycle budget wad on track days. I have to say, people pay lots of money for the type of improvement the Z-Bomb gives. The hesitation in 1 and 2 is gone, and the power is now much more accessible. At slow, easy pace riding, this won't make a bit of difference. BUT - for those that like to accelerate up the gears and give a bit of go juice to jump ahead, this is a SERIOUS upgrade. I knew what to expect from reading above, but I was still ridiculously impressed with the improvements to power delivery in 1st and 2nd gear. What was Honda thinking??? Now I really want the Guel (SP?) reflash, as it supposedly has more aggressive timing available, in addition to a bunch of other convenience items (gear indicator works, speed limits removed, fan temp adjustable, exhaust servo-alert can be killed if you want to remove the servo motor completely, etc.). People pay a lot more than $50 to get the types of improvements made available by the Z-Bomb... I can see that the easy access to power could be a little dangerous to an inexperienced rider, but really, what was Honda thinking?!?!? Great mod - I now understand why it was such a big deal when it came out. (I drive a 2010 F with the only performance mod being an open flapper in the exhaust). - Dan
  2. JEEZ! Slow going. Installed last night late, but rain this morning so I didn't ride to work. Hopefully I'll get a ride in tonight. Installation was OK, a little difficult figuring out how to unhook the original connectors. So I attached the Z-Bomb's connectors to eachother and made sure I understood which release needed to be pushed. Made the difference. The original connectors had plenty of slack to pull them out from the piece of plastic protecting them, and it was easy to tuck everything else back in over the plastic piece. Looking forward to riding it!!!! - Dan
  3. Will try to install tonight. Rode a bunch over the weekend as a baseline, hope to report after the rain ends here in Chicagoland. -Dan
  4. So I've depleted my motorcycle fund with a trip to the track at Barber Motorsports and wasn't able to reflash the ECU this winter. So I bought a Z-Bomb. As soon as I have time to take a last refresher ride (I'm in Chicago and had 3 rides in February!) - the snow is thick right now - I will go for a decent local ride, then add the z-bomb and take the identical ride to compare. Will report once installed and tested for those who are still on the stock ECU without Z-Bomb. - Dan
  5. Recall done, no real issues, seems a little less "clunky" sounding Anyone else notice anything different with the bike?
  6. Bringing mine in tomorrow! Hope it doesn't take too long... - Dan
  7. Question - appleis to USA owners - I'm a second owner, bought directly from a man that bought the bike new. How will Honda know to email a letter to me? Do they check title registrations through the Department of Motorvehicles for each state? Or do they send letters only to those who bought new? The bike had the extended warranty, so I transferred that into my name at the small local dealer, but I wonder how Honda Motorsports will know to include me in the notice. Just curious - still not showing up on the recall page. THanks, -Dan
  8. Not sure where to find my engine number, but I went to the Honda powersports recall check and it shows 0 recalls pending when I search by model and when I search by my VIN... http://powersports.honda.com/recalls.aspx Here's a link to check for yourself. - Dan
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