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  1. update: yep it was a bad rectifier, replaced it and it's charging like a champ now! www.wiremybike.com is awesome!
  2. yea, that's what i was afraid of, i just turned the bike on and it gave me the correct readings this morning but it is annoying as shit to not be able to trust the bike.
  3. ok, so i had the main fuse wiring short out at the useless white connector so i cut it out patched it up and installed the VFRness, which gave me great charging numbers but then later at night (tonight actually, just installed the VFRness this morning) it felt sluggish and i had my suspicions that i was getting low numbers again and i was right. barely 12.8 - 12.9 at idle and 13.5 at 5K RPM, anyone got any ideas about what else it could be? bad rectifier? thanks for the help
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