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  1. I ended my contract on the old server and now I have moved vfrd to a new faster server. I am finding bugs as I go, if you find any report them here please.
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  2. Phillip Island circuit March 2008. My RWB on a California Superbike course, a great full on day at the Island.
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  3. My 91 on a great 3 day trip to Snowdonia and Northern Wales a few years back,
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  4. Danno and Grum, I really appreciate the time you two give in helping.outnyoir fellow man. I wish there was a way I could ready the kindness. It's good to know there are people who want to just help each other out. I'll post again in a few days. My hands are full.ober the weekend and won't have a chance to do more work until Monday. You're good people.👍
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