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    Earlier today, 46 between Paso Robles and Cambria, self-explanatory. one man gathers what another man spills...
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    Nice day for it.... I can see into the future... Tomorrow will be a grey day... With a ray of light?
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    another dead fan here ! ☺️https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/uploads/monthly_2020_02/358308944_Picture1-12-2020229.jpg.63939dae8f7de18ee6e4079a8d20cfd7.jpg
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    I'm in search of a stock, 1986 VFR750 red/white/blue. Must be original paint, need not be in running condition, but repairable. Low miles a bonus. Joe 608-807-7829 joe.nelson@ymail.com
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