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    And which start number do they give a Rossi fan (again 😉 )
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    lol With a dead cylinder on the 6th gen if I can fix I'll sell it if not I'll put a bullet in it and then sell it. Got a great price on a standard 8th gen and grabbed it. Feels lighter both moving it around and in handling with a smoother engine than the 6th with PC5. 1/2 the price of the Duc SS that I lust for.
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    This thing is better than the 6th gen in every way possible. In hindsight getting it was a no brainer.
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    Fun and safe miles with the Kwack!!
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    Finally got around to coating the rest of the parts. I think the color and finish will be OK, but it's definitely not a "perfect" match. I wish I could find the same shade/texture but without the sparkly bits. Oh well, still better than the finish that was on these when I got the bike. The flash pics show a lot of sparkle, the pic in sunlight is a bit less glittery.
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    On the other hand, 6th gen pros: bags fit a full size helmet, better lights (illumination) for night riding, sounds a tiny bit more throaty. Open rear swing arm and yours in RWB with 25ed sticker. One day it may be collectible for those that like stickers:)
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    OEM Integrated luggage option, OEM quick shifter option, OEM bar riser option, better voltage regulator/charging system, Aluminum subframe, led headlights, gear indicator, seat height can be adjusted.
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