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What's She worth


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I have a '99 veefer that I may have to unfortunately let go. She's in perfect running condition with about 27000 miles on the clock. All accessories and stock parts go with the sale.
Accessories and updates:
> Ohlins rear shock, refreshed about 3 yrs ago
> Progressive springs in forks, fork oil proly due for a refresh.

> Sargent seat
> rare sargent backrest with luggage rack
> smoked aftermarket windshield
> extra set of stock wheels, petal rotors on both fronts, stock rotors on rears
> Two Brothers carbon slip on
> Heli bars
> custom yellow paint and graphics, on stock 2000 vfr plastics, she's a rider not a garage queen, paint not perfect, but in really good shape.
> Gen Mar mirror extensions
> Pit Bull rear stand
> Pit Bull front stand accessory for lifting by triple clamps instead of fork legs
> Pit Bull swing arm trailer stand with pins and mount plate
> mobil one changes every 3k or less since I've owned her. bought with 4200 miles on clock
> professionally maintained for valve check at about 16 k. no adjustment at that time.
> proly could use a coolant refresh
> good (less than 1 k) roadsmarts on mounted tires, tires on backup rims are done
> rear wheel tire hugger
> good chain, proly about 4 k on it. rear sprocket replaced with chain, new unused front sprocket
> new front pads, less than 4k on them, rears are in good shape too
> never been down, small garage tip over scrape on right side engine case
> 2 stock seat pans, had a 2000 Veefer with 70 k on the clock that I replaced with this one, that's where the 2000 plastics came from
> stock exhaust can
> box o parts - mirrors, bar end weights ect.... It's a big box :)
> new battery, last year
Bike has been absolutely trouble free. No electrical issues. All gauges and lights work.
I'm thinking at least 2500. What do y'all think




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Price seems reasonable, maybe more than reasonable considering all the extras, not too crazy about the paint job, and your fonts need serious work Gray over black seriously sucks.

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Seems like a good price and maybe a little low.   Good luck with getting it sold.


What are you replacing it with?

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fonts were a copy paste, couldn't change them, sorry. The paint looks a lot better in person.



The replacement, still not sure if I'm going to let her go, is a '20 Tracer 900 GT. Mother Honda has let me down, nothing in their current line up works for me. Been a Honda guy for most of my most of my riding career. Owned 3 V65 Sabres 2 VFRs a Valkyrie and there is a F6B in the garage right now. I've been on the veefers since the first one was new, will be really hard to part with it.

Thanks for your opinions on the price.

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There's a Y2K for sale on ebay right now.  Maybe follow it and see how it turns out to get some context on value.

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