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2008 VFR with squeeking wheel/chain sound - anyone familiar?

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Hi there,

First of al thanks for a fantastic forum with tonnes of great information! 

I was lubing my chain today and noticed that when turning the rear wheel on centre stand, from time to time there is some resistance. At the same time there is a squeeking sound, as can be heard in the attached video. Strange thing is, it is not happing on one wheel turn, nor one chain turn. 

I think the video gives a good idea about the issue as it is. 

If anyone could guide me towards what this could be, this would be highly appreciated. 

Regarding the shitty chain; yes it will be changed within short - just need to find the time  🙂


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rear brake caliper most likely needs a rebuild or at least a good cleaning as the piston my not be retracting well. note that some very minor squeaking may be normal but resistance is not.

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That chain looks terrible, it may have very worn dry links that are squeaking. Check it again when you have the new chain ready to go and the old one removed, spin the wheel again, check for the noise. You could drop the brake Caliper off, spin the wheel and confirm you have no wheel bearing issues. If you have any brake drag do as Squirrelman suggested, as well as making sure the slider pins are cleaned and lubricated.

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Give the chain a thorough clean - it's really rusty and dirty looking. See if it turns better and rolls evenly through the sprockets. Could just be gunk and crap stuck in the links.


My guess is that chain (and sprocket set) is done - it sounds like you have links that are not flexing and rolling as the chain rotates around the sprocket. I doubt it would be brakes or bearings - those really last a long time but maybe pull out the rear pads and have a look. If the previous owner let the chain get to that state you may have some maintenance to do on the bike.

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