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Engine Finds New Home

Darth Bling



Sweet! I just won an auction for a used 6th Gen engine and it only costed me $51. :tongue:

Now I just have to drive all the way up to Blaine, WA to pick it up. I'll hoping to head up the first weekend in December to get it, since I hopefully already be up in Seattle for the International Motorcycle Show.

So, I'm sure that the few of you who actually read my blog are wondering what plans I could possible have for a spare engine? Hmm, good question. :biggrin: For starters, I want to take it apart this winter as a warm up before tackling the valve adjustment on my bike. Once that's done, I'll probably use the engine for spare parts or something. I guess we'll see what happens then. :wink:

Anyway, here are pictures of the beast:

th_pic078.jpg th_pic079.jpg th_pic080.jpg th_pic081.jpg th_pic082.jpg th_pic077.jpg


I picked up the engine last Saturday on the 9th of December. Yup, I drove all the way up to Blaine, WA to get it. It was still way cheaper than having it shipped down here, pull I get a nice road trip out of it too. And since I was up there, I decide to head on over to the Peace Arch and stare at it for a second or two. Then I took a quick walk and went into Canada for a bit, just so I can say that I went there. No, this wasn't the first time I've been to Canada, but if you're only two miles from the border you might as well go visit it. :biggrin:

Anyway, back to the engine. Adam, the guy I bought the engine from, helped me load it load into the back of my Subaru. It managed to leak antifreeze everywhere, luckily I had it sitting on a tarp and my cargo area has a rubber spill mat too. Nearly pulled my back when I picked up the engine to put it in my garage. I also had to spend some time cleaning the antifreeze off my rubber car mat. Brake disk cleaner works great at this!

Adam's a cool guy. He runs some kind of business picking up wreaked vehicles and then he parts them out. That's where I got my engine. It was a thief recovery; somebody had stolen it, repainted it blue, and then wreak it. I actually remember seeing the bike on ebay being parted out over the last year or so. All that Adam had left was a frame and engine, so he stuck those on ebay one last time at 99¢ a piece. Thats how I managed to get it for only $51. :tongue:



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  • Member Contributer

looks like this bike was used in some agricultural capacity.....

51bucks for a great toy to tinker with, super deal!

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  • Member Contributer

whoa, look at that clutch cover, what the hell kind of wipeout was THAT? :blink:

Was the rider's helmet/mouth full of dirt as well? :goofy:


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  • Member Contributer

Yeah! That would make one heck of a Go Cart.

Wha tabout that guy that was installing a VFR engine in his Mini Cooper.

That would be a cool project. I'm Sure Maggellan would help you out on that.

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