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  1. TommyHoffman

    More Pics

    of motostuff
  2. Fender looks good. IT will give me somethign to look for when I see psassing VFR's HAve fun at PNWVFRD ride.
  3. Nah... dat seat iz de berry cuzstoom seat from me couson in Kazakstan. He make special seat for fat ass wife. He make seat for to carry your fat ass too. Borat "sorry I could not help my self. Never have I seen this style, and sorry but I would never buy one either.
  4. Here's to Tommy Hoffman, a good man

  5. I have not been out there yet this year. Sounds like it has certainly improved. To bad the Champ carts are not coming back.
  6. Looks like a great trip! I was in the area a few weeks ago, just have not had time to post pics and write a report. We missed the views at Capitol Reef, cuz it was dark. Did you make it to the road I think they call razor back? It winds along a ridge that gets smaller and smaller untill all thats left is the road and a cliff on boths sides. I hope to make it back there soemday, but next time I will avoid more of Hwy 50 through nevada.
  7. TommyHoffman

    Tommy's Scooter Pics

    Pics of Moto Adventures!
  8. THAT LOOKS SWEET! Can;t wait to see it.
  9. SWEWEEEET Can't wait to see it all put together and ready to ride!
  10. NICE! Looks great. Let us know how your dyno numbers work out.
  11. Yeah! That would make one heck of a Go Cart. Wha tabout that guy that was installing a VFR engine in his Mini Cooper. That would be a cool project. I'm Sure Maggellan would help you out on that.
  12. Won't the spring bind up at some point. Don't heavery springs have thinker wire and/or more coils? Either way the write up is pretty cool. Somebody has been doing there math homework.
  13. TommyHoffman

    Mt Logan

    Very cool Pics. We were on our way to the park last year but I got a flat in Kallispell. Had to cut off that part of the trip to make it to Cor de Lane. Maybe next year.
  14. :off topic: Guy down the street has a RC51 with Ohlins..... reading these Franken Viffer strings always gets me thinking is he still has the original legs around.
  15. TommyHoffman


    Bigs from stonehedge
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