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  1. Lol this thread is funny. My bike is the one that was used by darth to make the mounts for the fifth gen. I run gsxr mirrors and lobsters extenders. its funny I haven't logged in here In probably 2 years. if I can help let me know most likey I could go knock on his door and potentially get the dimensions I know he put a lot of time Into getting them right. so you may consider them his intellectual property. but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to ask and I need to go pick up one of my Rear rims anyway.
  2. Has anyone tried to run a 190 rear tire on an 8 spoke rear rim. I'm considering putting it on my 5th Gen and I know that the 8 spoke rim is a half an inch thinner then the standard 5 spoke my 5th gen came with. I was given a brand new set of tires and my budget won't allow me to go buy tires right now.
  3. Silver#788


    replaced the bulbs with defusing LEDS. red would be easy. PM me if you want links to find the LEDS
  4. even this could be made to work. Although I think its too short. http://www.amazon.com/Roadpro-Battery-Cigarette-Lighter-Adapter/dp/B00065L2D8/ref=pd_bxgy_auto_img_b
  5. the plug for the zumo most likely wont be right and will fry or under fry your phone. doing it the right way would be best as VFR wiring aint the best. an easy solution is to buy this http://www.amazon.com/RoadPro-RP-203EC-Extension-Cigarette-Lighter/dp/B000Z0HVHA/ref=pd_sim_auto_1 . Cut off the male end split and wrap the + and - wires. route it where you want it and secure the extra wire. Then using a fused car plug like the one posted above . FYI a fuse block off the battery would be better but this will work. Make sure you identify + from - or you could have problems. if you take the male end apart the fused side is the +SIDE. THIS AGAIN IS NOT THE BEST METHOD JUST ONE THAT IS CHEAP AND RELIABLE. The phone style usb charger has a fuse in it that will work just fine.
  6. I absolutely love disc golf. And I am not too bad at it either.

  7. Happy Birthday my friend!!!

  8. Very clean looking. I luv it. :happy: :happy:
  9. Just wanted to drop in and say hi

  10. Silver#788


    Its a 5th gen. I fell honored. In 5 years this is the first time my bike made the front page. Thanks lonny for posting the pics!
  11. To be honest I like the xm feature while on the road. :huh: I most likely wont upgrade
  12. Silver#788

    My Bike

    Good excuse to move up to a 5th or 6th gen. Glad your ok
  13. I am still excite to see this come together. I placed my name on the board #2 in line as production starts a long time ago. I am sure it is worth the wait. Magellan Is going to be the lead installer with me trying to help and getting in the way. PM me when your ready for my shipping info. You are the man!
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