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  1. New VFR Owner

    Great buy!! I've contemplated selling my '04. Hip problems have kept me off the bike this summer. I can't get over how stale the market is on VFR's. Seems like nobody wants them. Local Craigslist has had a couple for sale all summer with no movement. I would have to give mine away to get it out of the garage.
  2. What was your first bike

    I had never ridden a motorcycle in my life. Took my bonus after a year at my 1st real job and purchased a brand new Honda Nighthawk S.
  3. Average MPG for my 6th gen VFR.

    I've only run 87 octane in my '04 and consistently get 38 mpg commuting. My commute is a mix of 45-55 mph two lane, about 16 miles each way. Your short commute and stop and go traffic doesn't help, but I would think you could get more than 25 mpg.
  4. Need advice on purchase of 86 VF1000R

  5. Need advice on purchase of 86 VF1000R

    Classic words of a scam. I would be very cautious.
  6. Removing front wheel without stand?

    I may be wrong, but I think if you use a front stand, you'll need a rear stand too. Not sure that a front stand and center stand work well together.
  7. Removing front wheel without stand?

    I do a similar thing. I take off the rear wheel and use a bottle jack under the engine to raise the front. Once the front wheel is off, I replace the axle in the forks and lower it on to a single jack stand. If you have a friend push down on the back, be careful that they don't push the bike forward collapsing the center stand.
  8. New 8th gen - $6,500!!

    Two more on Cycle trader for $6K https://www.cycletrader.com/Interceptor®---Honda-Motorcycles-On-CycleTrader.Com/search-results?sort=featured%3Aasc&radius=150&price=4000%3A6000&page=1&make=Honda|2316874&model=Interceptor®|764948841&category=Sportbike|2001443&
  9. Akrapovic Spud Removal

    I use one weekly to remove the spuds on my autocross car. No issues, they just pop out. Might depend on how long the spud has been in place.
  10. Akrapovic Spud Removal

  11. Vfrness fuse blowing

    My 6th Gen with VFRness started blowing the 20A fuse in the main harness last year. It would happen 10-20 minutes into a ride. Looked over all the connections and everything looks OK. Finally put a 30A in and haven't had a problem since.
  12. Truck guys

    I'm in Rochester, NY. Went to Florida with a trailer to pick mine up. Didn't quite hit 90mph, but the cruise was set at 80mph through much of West Virginia on the way home. 1/2 hour after picking it up...explains the shit eating grin.
  13. Truck guys

    I've got an Aluma 548. Got lucky and found a killer deal on a used one. 250lbs empty, low deck height, torsion axles and a ride on gate. I've towed it loaded with my 6th Gen behind a base model, 5 speed Civic.
  14. Looking for Advice

    Oh...you can certainly feel it if you are hard on the throttle. I actually like it. It is part of the character of the bike. Normal riding it is no big deal. If I'm riding the twisties, I try to stay above the transition so it doesn't surprise me coming out of a corner.