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  1. Why stop there?😆 I'm over 104,000 and no signs of it slowing down!
  2. Hmm, there's a lot of folks out there with swapped out clutch covers, myself included...
  3. It doesn’t hurt to replace it. They do wear out. If you got another used one it may still be pretty worn.
  4. Couldn’t hurt to do the hoses. I did mine last year with silicon replacements. There’s threads about it somewhere. For sure you want to replace all the O-rings on the coolant connections to the water jacket. I think there’s 4 or 5 in total.
  5. $6000 is more than I paid for my ‘99 in ‘03!
  6. Looks like the way my ‘99 came. Small crash pushed the edge of the fairing into the sticker and tore it a little. Eventually I peeled it off and it’s on my toolbox.
  7. I think he’s asking about the muffler gasket not exhaust port gaskets. Usually when I see multiple #s the bottom one is the only one that is orderable. My Staintune doesn’t need one, so I haven’t bothered with it for a while now. I just looked at Ron Ayers fiche and only see one listed; #7. Doesn’t the new header have a larger diameter outlet? I thought people were saying the Staintune would have to be stretched.
  8. If I had to guess I would say all North American ‘00-‘01 would work. I’m thinking ‘98-‘99 are different due to O2 sensors at least. Always good to look up part#s on parts fiche to see if they change.
  9. My ‘99 had 20,500 miles when I bought it in 2003 and I doubled that in the first year. It’s at over 103k now. You won’t need a clutch. I replaced mine at over 70k and the difference between new and old was minimal. I only did it cause I was in there already and doing a bunch of other work. I could give you my old clutch pack and you wouldn’t find any difference to whichever you get.
  10. I weighed my 8 spoke and it's about 1/2 pound lighter than 5th and 6th 5 spoke. Also lighter than the 1st Gen CB1000R, IIRC.
  11. Definitely clear as mud. Definitely first time I've heard this recommended. Definitely the female leads on the 30a fuse were getting loose and arcing, causing burn marks on the fuse and the housing to get brown. I love to learn!
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