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  1. They do. Many use the one listed for the 800. Many different ones use the one listed for VFR1200. Most aftermarket are geared towards the more sporting range, which seems to be shared with the 1200.
  2. Has anyone found an interesting alloy oil filler cap for an 800 (any/all years) with provisions for lock wire. I know I could drill a hole in my stock black plastic cap, but I want something more visually interesting. I have seen several possibilities, but I am having trouble confirming what sizes fit the 800. According to a Ron Ayers part# search no sport bikes use the same cap, but I see several listings that claim to fit RC51, or CBR RR and fit the VFR800. Maybe sellers are getting confused because VFR1200 uses the same cap as those sport bike models?
  3. I was told a theory one that the front tire lines up the object to then spear into the rear tire. I can’t recall a front flat.
  4. I’ve used both interior and exterior plugs with no trouble. Exterior rope plug cause I found a quarter inch Phillips bit stick in my tire at Seb’s Fall meet on the morning of a 1000 mile ride home. Made it home and left it in until the tire was worn out. It did take a little more vigilance with checking tire pressure but it’s not going to fail catastrophically. Before I was changing my own tires I would take my Nighthawk to a little independent shop. I jokingly accused them of installing a magnet inside every time they put a new one on because it seemed like I would get a flat within a couple weeks. So I’d take it back and get a plug that would last until the tire was worn out. (Maybe 2 or 3 times it happened)
  5. This is cool, man!😎 TriumphTraitor recommended a set of charger and voltmeter on eBay, but I found the same one on Amazon for a couple bucks more. The catch is that it already rode the slow boat from China so it got to me in a weekend instead of like 3 weeks. Wired up and ready to rock-n-roll:
  6. Curious to know the technique. Only thing I can think is to loosen the triple clamps to make sure the axle holes are in line as opposed to having the tops dead level. I've been told that is the best way to set up your forks.
  7. So, you and I are essentially running with the same setup? 1/2" master and 5th gen slave cylinder. Seems like I lucked into the butter zone with no research...😆😎 I found these 37mm and 38mm billet cylinders on ebay yesterday. Pretty, but very expensive! 37mm piston 38mm piston
  8. Check the return ports in the reservoirs. I have an ST1100 that had a completely blocked return port on the clutch side that resulted in the clutch "pumping up" over a short ride and not allowing it to engage until I cracked the banjo to release the pressure.
  9. 1992 Honda ST1100 with just over 94,000 miles. Freshly cleaned, rebuilt, and rejetted carbs. Not a “seafoam in the tank” cleaning. Fully disassembled, all passages cleared and cleaned, rejetted pilots jets from #38 to #40 for better idle and off idle throttle response. Prone to failure PAIR system removed and blocked off. Prone to failure vacuum fuel shutoff valve removed. New Honda fuel filter. New fuel line from tank to the filter. New thermostat and O-ring. New O-rings on the water jacket connections inside the “V”. New Honda coolant. All hydraulics flushed and bled. New speedometer cable. New NGK spark plugs. Progressive Suspension rear shock. GIVI trunk. New B’stone T31 tires (1000 miles). HID headlights. Fresh oil and filter change. Fresh rear end oil change and greased with Honda Moly lube.Evidence of new timing belt installed in spec. Valve clearance in spec. I’ve ridden it about 1000 miles since the above work and it rides great without issue. Located in Knoxville, TN. It’s done The Dragon, Cherohala, TN68, NC28 and more. Asking $1800; no haggle VFRD member price. Email: kperham 986 at hot mail.
  10. I like to leave it on air temp, but Jax in the summer won't be showing you any good news there either...
  11. That was probably me. That being said, I did live in South Fla for a while and if you are seeing 200+ what happens in top gear at a steady (legal) speed with clean air in front of you? Should be able to run at 186 or thereabouts at highway speed in 6th without anything in front of you.
  12. I believe one trick is to get a OEM 6th Gen front for a 1 tooth smaller but still "stock" front sprocket with the rubber bumper thingy's on them. As mentioned by the OP 17/43 on 5G.
  13. You can see the sort of angled domed head of the factory bolts.
  14. Best way to find the cut line is to stick some painters or masking tape on it, put the tail back on and draw a line at the bottom of the fairing. Then cut above the line and none of it will be visible. I do like the idea of trimming and cleaning up the right side peg. That's the beauty of the Staintune though, uses the stock mounting location.
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