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  1. BuzznerSuntrusts

    Rear LED light cluster for 6th Gen

    You won't know it's a 6th Gen without the one tail light being out!
  2. BuzznerSuntrusts

    Pardon The Nudity...

    Sounds that way to me! 😉
  3. BuzznerSuntrusts

    5th Gen refurb parts list/BOM

    I thought the "voltage sensing wire" was on the R/R not the stator? My injector cleaner was here in USA (as was the stator rewinding), so you're much better off finding a local.
  4. BuzznerSuntrusts

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    They actually started in 2000 with the Cat Con and crossed front headers. A friend had a Euro model '98 or '99 that also had crossed front headers. No idea if it came like that from the factory, but not much else was changed. I forget if it had a cat.
  5. BuzznerSuntrusts

    I am thinking about pulling a trailer...

    I used to have a pic of it, but a guy that used to work at the Deal's Gap store would ride his 6th Gen pulling a single wheel trailer and every day he would ride through Deal's Gap to and from work.
  6. BuzznerSuntrusts

    5th Gen vs 6th Gen VFR800

    ABS 6th Gen, because ABS.
  7. You can add about 5mm to the top of the shock and have enough threads to be comfortable. All you need is regular washers.
  8. BuzznerSuntrusts

    5th Gen refurb parts list/BOM

    Oh yeah, I did injectors as well. Not sure the conversion, but clean and flow match with new O-rings was $92 USD and $12 return shipping. I did the fuel filter too, but probably didn't need to. It's a huge hassle, and if you don't have rust in the tank you should probably be ok. I was; I cut it open and looked and it was clean. Ron Ayers parts fiche page on water pump. #9 (two of them) and #8 are the joints that link up the water jacket to the hoses. O-rings are #18 (Need 2) and #16. Also the t-stat housing with t-stat #2 and O-ring #17 What remains of the O-rings in the water joints: Look at the right side of the throttle body; I reused the OE hoses as the bends were too tight. The outer diameter on the blue hose is larger and took some effort to get them to slide on up against the larger port. And I forgot the other size is 8mm inner diameter. I ordered a foot of that and had plenty left. The 3.5mm only came in 10 foot, (I think?) so I had lots left and ended up using a length for the coolant reservoir overflow drain. Also capped off the vacuum line to the flapper actuator.
  9. BuzznerSuntrusts

    5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Folks have been putting '98-'99 headers on 6th Gens for a while now to eliminate the cat/con, so I guess they fit the same.
  10. BuzznerSuntrusts

    5th Gen refurb parts list/BOM

    I replaced my clutch friction plates a while back with 92,000 miles because it was apart and I figured it was time. I couldn't find a measurable difference between old and new thicknesses. Springs, as well. Depending on how you ride, I guess, I'm saying they don't wear too quickly. Also that the stock discs are good. I did the AS3 on the Rad Hoses, bearing in mind they are missing the wax unit hose. Mine doesn't have one, so I was ok on that. All the O-rings in the cooling system should be replaced as the originals are no longer rubber or round. There's 2 on top and 2 on the left (stator) side, plus the T-stat housing. Bulk silicone 3.5mm I.D. for the throttle body vacuum tubing. There was 2 that are too tight of a bend to replace. I was concerned they would kink so I left the OE. Found on Amazon I planned to replace the throttle body boots, but they were back ordered when I was buying parts. I didn't bother to replace them, and a liberal spritz of lube got the throttle body re-installed no problem. I thought my water pump was leaking at the non replaceable seal, turns out it was just the cover O-ring. But now I have a brand new water pump in there, so I should be good for a while. There's a shop here in the USA that rewinds stators, and I had mine done several years ago. Still going strong, but I had to replace my already replaced R/R. I did the COP conversion, and I am happy with it. Just be careful if you decide to trip the mounting tabs off the airbox after. I added a crankcase breather filter and eliminated the hose to the airbox, just because it looks cool (and tended to spit oil into my airbox).
  11. More-so than the rad hoses are the O-rings for the water jacket connections on the top of the engine. There will no longer be rubber O-rings, but now are hard black material filling the O-ring channel. The might not leak yet, but they likely will at some point. I just replaced all my O-rings and also the hoses. O-rings are stock from Honda, and the hoses are silicone replacements from AS3 https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/86894-chinese-silicone-hose-sets/ Brake lines are long gone, replaced the front end with RC51 SP1 and installed SS lines, along with the clutch. I've heard of the inside of the rubber lines delaminating and acting as a 1 way check valve effectively locking the brakes on.
  12. BuzznerSuntrusts

    Honda RC161 What a sound!!!

    I used to race in CCS Florida series (not a humble brag, I sucked!) and there were a few Honda bikes that looked and sounded very much like that. I assume they were the same RC161? No idea, but I really wanted to get involved in that if I were to find another series other than 600s at the time. There was also a couple CBXs running around. Talk about an amazing sound! Gutted race pipes on an inline 6 going 'round Homestead! WOW!
  13. BuzznerSuntrusts

    Connector gets hot!

    I have a '99 and my 30a fuse holder was very toasty. I replaced it with a 30a breaker from RoadsterCycle.com instead of another fuse holder. The breaker (available from many other sources) has studs and nuts to secure ring terminals as opposed to female terminals to accept blade fuses. Those just wear out. They do. They get looser and looser over time and then the electrikery starts arcing and melting the plastic surrounding it. Eventually the whole thing melts down.

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