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  1. Shocking! People have actual lives and can't dedicate endless hours to riding for fun? Blasphemy!! 🙂 I got 6k miles in for 2023. The year before was 5k, but my bike was offline for a few months due to waiting for a new front wheel to arrive. I used to average more like 7-8k, but over the years (except for 2020) I've gotten busier and busier as a musician, in addition to my day job. Being busy some weeknights and most weekends led to fewer rides. I usually try to do 2-3 trips annually, but managed just one this past year. At least it was a good one! If I'm being completely honest, several years ago my annual mileage dropped to about 1,500 for two straight years. I'd gotten busy (work/gigs) and kind of just lost my mojo for riding. I'd been looking at buying another bike on and off for a while, but what was the sense in buying a new (or used) motorcycle if I wasn't even riding it that much? In 2019 I rode more, and even more in 2020 when I had a lot of spare time due to all my musical activities being canceled due to the pandemic. With the established uptick in miles I decided to go ahead and buy my current bike. Hopefully this year I'll at least equal the 6k for 2023. Good on you for already making plans to ride more. Personally, I'm hoping to finally do the trip to Maine I've been wanting to do for the last few years. Probably in late August. 🙂
  2. Congrats on your VFR and welcome to the forum! Good on you for getting the bike started and sorted so far. Thanks for posting the photos, and I'm hoping to see more as you go. Good luck with it! 🙂
  3. Congrats on the pending VFR and welcome to the forum from Ohio, USA!
  4. I've only owned HJC and Scorpion helmets so far, and I've been pretty happy with them. I've looked at AGVs and like them, but haven't found one yet I preferred over another option. As for the premium brand lids, I've considered a couple Shoei's, but the pricing has become kind of ridiculous. At this point I've had to stumble onto a great deal or buy an outgoing model on sale. (Also, Arai's don't fit me correctly.) I tend to only have one helmet at a time, and I keep them for several years. Next time I'm in the market for a new one I'll probably expand my search. Even if a premium lid is 2-3 times the price of what I'd usually buy, if you think about how the cost averages out over 5-6 years, it really isn't that much.
  5. Welcome to the forum from Ohio, USA, and thanks for sharing those photos of your great looking VFR! 🙂
  6. My first bike was a red ZR-7S. It was really too big a bike for my first, adult motorcycle but I managed not to hurt myself on it. Several months after buying that bike I sold it to a friend and upgraded to a 6th gen VFR. Looking back, that ZR was actually a pretty good bike, though I think it was kind of known for being a 'parts bin' bike, cobbled together from parts Kawasaki was already making for other machines. They are rare to see now, and I always smile when I do see one. 🙂
  7. Welcome to the forum! 🙂 I sold my 6th gen. with 101,000 miles (162,000 km) and it was still in great mechanical condition, and still in good cosmetic condition. It needed some long-term maintenance items (replace bearings) and was due for routine maintenance (flush and replace all fluids), and a few other minor maintenance items, but I trust that bike would have just kept running with little worry over major failures for many more years. If you can buy the parts and do the work yourself, an aging VFR will not cost you an arm and a leg. At 100k kms/65k miles, I would expect the chain and sprockets have been replaced a few times, as well as the brake pads. When were those last done? I would ask if the thermostat has been replaced, and if so when. You would need to check when the bike was last fully serviced - fluids, spark plugs, etc., plus see if there are any outstanding warranty items - but even all these things shouldn't break the bank. And the good news is most VFR owners take pretty good care of their motorcycles. That's no guarantee, but these are quite durable bikes. I only sold mine because I was ready for something different. There have been a few times when I wished I had kept my VFR!
  8. If I remember correctly, 6th gen. VFRs with ABS have gold brake calipers. Non-ABS bikes have black brake calipers. Maybe that changed at some point during the 6th gen's run, but it should be true for your 2004.
  9. Congrats on your VF and welcome to the forum from Ohio! 🙂
  10. I'm not generally a fan of lighting like this on motorcycles, but I have to say the lights on @SubyRS's VFR are tastefully done. It's not the usual blingy look we see on many cruisers. The placement of those lights reminds me of the the big lifted pickup truck I saw recently that had lights in the wheel wells, highlighting the suspension parts. And while I'm also not a fan of lifted trucks either, I'll admit it looked pretty darn cool. Do what makes you happy and makes the bike look good to you. I added a small Wunderlich frame button to my Beemer a while back. Pure bling, just for looks, no functionality really, and it doesn't stand out, but it makes me smile a little when I see it. 🙂
  11. Congrats on your 5th gen. and welcome to the forum from Ohio! 🙂
  12. Welcome to the forum! You're right -- this is the absolute best place for all things VFR. It's an absolute wealth of information on maintenance, mods, repairs, and great people. 🙂
  13. Congratulations on your VFR and welcome to the forum! 🙂
  14. Congrats on that beautiful VFR1200 and welcome to the forum from Ravenna, OH! 🙂 This forum is for all VFRs, but yes, there are probably more 800s out there than any other generations. I'm a former 6th gen. owner myself, but stuck around here because the people are great!
  15. Welcome to the forum from Ohio, USA, and good luck with the purchase! I hope you'll report back on how it went, and post a couple photos of your new-to-you VFR! 🙂
  16. Very sorry to hear of this. My condolences to Duc2V4 and to Lance's family and friends.
  17. I'm only going to chime in here because I believe I have the same SC Project exhaust can (the Conic titanium) as @slo1 on my BMW R nineT. Completely different bike than a VFR, of course, but my experience matches slo1's -- no noticeable difference in performance, but the sound is a little better than the single OEM can it replaced. You can definitely feel a difference in the weight when handling the two exhausts, but once it's on the bike I couldn't tell a difference. I'm running mine with the baffle in, and it sounds just a little deeper than the stock unit did. Of course, it looks better, too. 😉 I have no idea how it is on the 8th gen. VFR, but with my Beemer, one nice bonus is because the SC Project exhaust can is a little shorter and sticks up a bit higher than the OEM can, I don't have to loosen the exhaust to remove the rear wheel. With the stock can I had to loosen it to remove the rear wheel.
  18. Awesome videos - thanks for sharing them here! 🙂 Seeing those really makes me miss riding in the mountains, something I've not done yet this year. But also, NC226A reminds me very much of most of the roads I hit regularly in SE Ohio. Gravel driveways, pavement imperfections, etc. It's a more technical road than many in that corner of Ohio, but the challenges are similar. I'm glad the turnout was good. I wish I'd been able to attend. Maybe next year!
  19. I think most dealers' shop mechanics do decent work. But not all them have a passion for it. To them it's probably just a job, like many people feel about their work. Which is to say they might do it well, but when it comes to working on our motorcycles, we probably have much more concern about it being perfect when we do our own work vs. when a shop mechanic works on it. As for plugs, it stinks having to pay a dealer shop for something that didn't really need to be done. But knowing it was done and now won't need to be done again for years is some peace of mind. And if you're doing these things yourself, in the long run plugs and filters are cheap enough that if you do replace them more often that is needed you're not really just throwing money away.
  20. At least you get to wear out the sides of tires. Very few decent curves where I live, so my tires always get squared off and worn to the cords before I can even try wearing the edges off!
  21. I don't think that's fussy at all. When I was shopping for a bike to replace my VFR, it had to have character. I ended up with a BMW R nineT Pure, which has tons of character in my opinion. Thanks for that information on the Suzuki, and good luck with your search for a VFR1200!
  22. Welcome to the forum from northern Ohio! Also, great fleet you have there! 👍 I'm curious what would lead you to part with the GSXS1000GT+ so soon. I've looked at these, thinking it would make a nice sport-tourer to replace my old 6th gen. VFR I sold a few years ago.
  23. You said the rear tire is now touching the ground when the bike is on the centerstand. Is that a fairly new tire, or a worn one? With my old 6th gen. I found there could be a pretty big difference with how much the rear tire was in the air depending on the brand/model of the tire and how new or worn it was. Congrats on the weight loss!! I've lost 20-some pounds this year, and hoping to lose much more. It definitely makes a difference in how I feel on the bike, and the responsiveness of the bike's suspension. Also, glad to hear Traxxion did great work for a low cost and turned it around quickly! 👍
  24. Sounds like a great trip, Seb! Thanks for sharing some details and the photos here. Sorry to hear about the problem with the rear shock. I don't think I've seen that many blown seals like that. Any idea what caused it to fail?
  25. I'm sad to hear VFR will soon be gone, but I completely understand the reasons. Huge thanks to Miguel for all his hard work on this forum for the last couple decades. It's been the best resource possible for all things VFR -- organizing rides, maintenance and repairs, and a great community of like-minded people who love these fantastic machines. But it's been so much more than that to me. For several years this was my favorite spot on the web. I spent way too much time here, and was a real post-ho for a few years. I made some great friends, attended a few T-macs/Spring Memorial Rides, and learned how to work on my bike some, at least to the best of my meager abilities. (A good friend and occasional riding buddy I met through VFRD has helped me countless times with maintenance and a few mods, too.) I would even hang out here on a Friday or Saturday night, just cruising the threads for whatever interesting stuff I could find. I owned my 6th gen. a little over 14 years, and put over 97k miles on it. And though I sold my VFR about three years ago, I still visit here often. I can't offer much in the way of technical and mechanical knowledge, but I still enjoy the forum. And I have to say my VFR ownership would not have been nearly the same without this forum and the people I've met, ridden with, and hung out with over the years. VFRD has been a truly special place for me. And for all that, I will say it again: Thanks, HS. And to the Mods and to the community in general. 🙂
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