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  1. Hi leftcoast, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Lurked along just now. I also have a 98 & a y2K. I was gonna swap the Staintune form the 98 for the 2 Brothers Racing on the y2K. Wanted to hear the Staintune through the Cat. it's a little harsh for me on the 98. You opted for a different Can. Howcum? Nice report / thread BTW. cheers!
  3. Ha HA! nice Goin'! very well thought out presentation & attractive layout. a year ago i'd have bought the first one! isn't this economy great. How many miles on your bike? if i score a 99 w/ 30k miles & a staintune, think that this would work out ok? maybe I'll forward this to Edwards @ cycle world...i called him way back when........he seemed interested.
  4. Good one. I'm curious about chaffing as dirt builds up on the cords......but other than that, good idea!
  5. I can relate .....w/ the Valkyrie, you are pulling the strings on 6 carbs, and even with the oversize throttle grip, a little help from time to time would be welcome.
  6. leftcoast


    pix of ILEAN
  7. leftcoast


    tres :thumbsup: Nice pic. Nice bike!
  8. leftcoast

    kising toads

    shopping for a G5
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