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  1. I love the racing stripes and color choices. Well Done! (She's ready for another 100K miles now!)
  2. Hello mate,

    Just took a peek at your gallery - very nice.

    You've got yourself a really nice looking 4th gen - I think I want one and it's partly your fault :)



  3. Great photo! I rode that road long ago, just amazing!
  4. Personally my greatest memories from the past riding season were from my trip to, at, and from the VFRD Summer Summit. This community is a unique thing, I think that is why so many of us value this site and the connections we make here. The riders I met in Colorado, including yourself, are all people I'm glad associate with and proud to consider friends. VFRD is a big thing that you have created and share with all of us. Moreover you do it passionately, professionally, and graciously. The VFR1200 "group-buy" is a just a little something from each of us to get a big thing for you. It re
  5. Fantastic photo! I of course sent it to my friend who rides a Ducati 750SS
  6. BustedKnuckles

    Mt. Ranier!

    Nice Shot! I was there last weekend myself, I must admit I couldn't resist running through the gears while saying... "Raaaaaaaaaaanieeeeeeeerbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!" :biggrin:
  7. A collection of my ride and misc. pics.
  8. Great write-up and fantastic photos! Looks like a really fun trip. Thanks for getting the road-trip urge going... dammit when will this rain stop!?
  9. BustedKnuckles

    Zen and the Art...

    One's frame of mind is critical to quality maintenance free from frustration. Some photos of my VFR maintenance and repair... BYOB
  10. BustedKnuckles


    Nice garage! I love 993s and white VFRs, (and two car garages). I have an SC to keep the 4th gen company in my cozy little workshop. :)
  11. BustedKnuckles


    Now you CA folks know what a group ride looks like up here in Oregon! :excl: Way to go!
  12. BustedKnuckles


    A ride over to the coast started this year off right!
  13. BustedKnuckles


    It's cool artwork and theory, I like the lines and look of the thing even if it is "impossible". Did you do the design?
  14. BustedKnuckles

    VFR and Rainier

    I really like this photo! (but then I'm biased!) There are few things better than the combination of a clean VFR and the scenic mountain roads in the Pacific Northwest. :beer:
  15. Thanks for the comments :) The chain is actually adjusted OK, it does look funny in the pic but I think it was related to off-throttle while rolling or something.
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