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  1. welcome, and wow, what a project, looking forward to reading and seeing more....
  2. AB-Oz

    1985 RFV750

    just a beautiful bike, look at the lines, look at the exhaust pipe work, a work of art.
  3. Have you already been thrown off the other streetfighter forum you joined recently due to inactivity? Phantom = the boy who cried wolf.
  4. AB-Oz

    20130830 150619[1]

    great looking bike!
  5. I thought the LED is to show how lean or rich the mixture is?
  6. I've had my shift star in for about 5 years, 50,000km - its one of the best mods I've done.
  7. I believe it was advertised here in the classifieds, RoY snapped it up, and it arrived down here a couple of weeks ago....
  8. there was, but now its in RoYs hot little hands :)
  9. hay mate you are right, dunno what I was doing wrong before but its working well, quicker than google maps, will try some export to Garmin zumo...err, clicked save, then clicked export, it asked me to save...
  10. hard for me to test as I cant choose an Australian map to enter some favourite routes, so cant compare it with mapsource, basecamp etc.
  11. Nice pic, there are many great roads down here connected by a stretch of gravel, here's on in the Snowies:
  12. Muz, Glad you are on the mend mate, and the pain is the body's way of telling the brain not to be so clumsy next time
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