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  1. My intent in the reply above was not to bash the VFR1200, but offer an answer to the original question asked. I made no real comments about the 1200 other than it disappointed me. But I'll outline what disappointed me since you sort of asked... They changed the V4 firing order. (subjective, but this really killed the deal for me. I even considered buying an MT-10 instead of the H2SX purely for the crossplane firing order alone) Price when weighed against features. I mean, for the price you had to pay, the features on the bike are very spartan. Styling (subjective, but it leaves me cold) Fuel tank size coupled with fuel mileage Hardbag integration (subjective, do not like the look of the bags on the bike) ECU restrictions in 1st and 2nd gear (can be fixed, but shouldn't have to be fixed) I have no doubt it's a good bike (all bikes are these days), but the VFR1200 wasn't what I wanted or expected, so I wasn't interested. People like, want, need, and expect different things. Anyway, I'm not begrudging people who love their VFR1200s, only offering up opinions on a bike that, IMO, is a worthy VFR replacement in what it was designed to do. That being said, sport-touring bikes like this have become a niche market anyway. Adventure bikes (that will mostly never see a gravel driveway, let alone an off road environment) have been all the rage for a decade now. 😂
  2. It's been ages since I posted here (yet I lurk from time to time), and I haven't owned a VFR is almost 10 years (though I've owned 3 of them), but saw this post and decided to chime in. I was super hyped when the VFR1200 was rumored to come, then supremely disappointed when it did...so much so that I never bought one. Instead I moved to a Ducati Multistrada 1200S, which I found to be an infuriating bike to own. When it worked, it was a great bike. WHEN it worked. I had nothing but problems with it. Then news of the Kawasaki H2SX began to leak. Besides not having a V4 the bike appeared to be a spiritual successor to the VFR made by a company that throws conservative out the window. I've had mine for a year now and love the hell out of it. Yes, it's a pricey bike, but it's literally everything the VFR1200 should and could have been (again, except for a V4). The only thing I wish it has was a little less weight (the supercharger and frame add extra weight), but I have no plans to track this thing so it's not much of a concern. What you get is impressive: Single sided swingarm Analog tach/TFT info display Cornering ABS Traction/wheelie control Cruise control Power modes (3 levels) Heated grips (3 levels) 12v socket in dash A 5.5 gallon tank (it will get low 40 mpg if ridden normally) Angle activated cornering lights Launch control Quick shifter Engine braking control Assist and slipper clutch LED lights all around Integrated factory bags, without fugly brackets hanging off it And all the power you would want access to (yet it's perfectly docile if ridden normally). With a reflash, slipon, and filter the 998cc is putting down 218 rwhp, and can get ~40 mpg riding sanely. Anyway, I wish Honda was less conservative and put out a larger displacement V4 with proper firing order, excellent power/tap on tap if desired, and slathered with tech. But they haven't...and I don't think they ever will. So yes, I view the H2SX as the successor to the VFR when it comes to high performance sport-touring. I got tired of waiting for Honda...
  3. Well Skip,

    What does ya think? Are you gonna do it? Bite the bullet? Iam trying to like this new bike I want to like this new bike....but between you and me...I'll keep my 5th gen....and my ST1300. When I want to go out and have some fun...VFR If I need to go to Road Atlanta from my home in Eastern,N.C.....ST1300 hands down....

    best reguards..


  4. UFO


    I like. :biggrin:
  5. UFO


    Beautiful. :biggrin:
  6. Hey Skip,

    Now you got to start shopping dealers....for what its worth the "power " dealers or the stand alone guys that only carry Honda might be worth checkin out like Southern Honda in Chatanooga they beat us {when I was working in a dealer in my home town}all the time...I know you are cross the country but if you want one early you may have to do...take care


  7. UFO


    Oh, that looks fun. :fing02:
  8. Your website is still my favorite of all time, as I always get enjoyment everytime I visit there.

  9. Awesome color! So much better than the flat old plain red I had on my 2002.
  10. UFO

    Vfr1 :-)

    Nice! Another mod to add to the list. Gah.
  11. UFO

    Old Yeller

    Old Yeller
  12. Oh god...my wife is going to kill me if these bolt right on to a VFR. :goofy:
  13. tbeemer from over at ST.N also lives in Olympia..actually he now works in the building next to me. He has a VFR that his wife rides (he rides a 929) and we're going to do some riding this summer. So keep an eye out at ST.N.
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