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  1. Fantastic, Keith! The coffee cup belongs there! I wish I could have joined you, but I was in Colorado in cages for a long weekend... :blink: It's about time for me to go up too and visit my buddy.
  2. cassandtim just told me about the mishap last night. Pop your head out of the garage for a minute and let us know you're still recovering well, would ya? I hope to see you at the meet, even without your "hot date". :biggrin:
  3. You're wrong. I do have the necessary skilz to go slow on a racebike. So, uh, there!

  4. I wouldn't call having a "proper" race bike in the garage owning it. It's merely a transient dream! Besides, having the bike and having the skillz are two separate issues!

  5. I may be slow, but at least I now own a proper race bike to go slow on...

  6. You're slow. You know you're slow. ADMIT IT!!!

  7. Your posts are like emotional vomit. Can't you just calm down, ya sick fuck?


  8. I know where you ride! There is no escape. You will assimilate!

  9. Sweet!! It must be a great feeling to know it functions as planned after all that work! When I calibrate the dyno, I take a tape measure and wrap it around the largest circumference of the tire and divide by Pi. Easiest way to get a super-accurate diameter.
  10. Whaddya mean? Dan's kit is a frame slider (on the right side at least). J/K!! Ooooo, that would suck... :fing02:
  11. Very cool project, and well done. I can't wait to see the ride report, final weight, and fairings.
  12. You've done an outstanding job taking care of my one big complaint with VFRs (most gens): big, heavy-looking tail-sections. Once you get the lines through the swingarm (something I'll likely do this winter too), you're gonna need a prettier wheel, 'cause you'll sure be showing it off!! I've never quite had the nerve to get rid of the chain-guard completely. I have visions of something getting dragged into the chain (I know, not likely). So I made my chainguard out of a free piece of L-channel aluminum: Mistresses.jpg
  13. Nicely done. It's amazing how well the lines flow into the 6th gen tail :fing02:
  14. Good things come to those who wait . . . . . but only what's left behind by those who hustle! Believe me, we are all abaited breath for what you have in store for us. Your attention to detail and perfectionist ways will serve to a great, reliable product. Now finish and share your toys :comp13: Figured I would stop by and give this thread a :bump: It hasn't seen any action in the last twelve days. I am slowing putting the money away for one of these kits for the sixth gen when it comes out that is. I don't think that there should be that many adjustments for VTEC as there are many boost
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