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Status Updates posted by HispanicSlammer

  1. Lots of work on the site lately. New stuff coming down the pike in coming months

  2. VFR tires came in the mail yesterday, TMAC its getting closer to time!

    1. MaxSwell


      Whatcha runnin'?

  3. WOW we finished this years VFRD fund drive before the year even started - thank you VFRD members!

  4. I am watching raw video from my California Trip with the Canadian Crew this summer - stay tuned to my blog this winter I am saving the best for the coldest of winter days!

  5. Wow all the work I have tried to do on vfrd this weekend has turned to shit! Not going so well.

  6. I was going to go and explore a new road I found out about but I caught a cold and its kicking my ass instead!

  7. On the road again, I just cant wait to get on the road again, riding vfrs with my friends, I cant wait to get on the road again.

  8. My old girlfriend flipped out when I let my nephew have a sip of my beer at my sisters party. Sister and Brother in law do - I wasnt about to let him get drunk but he sees all of us drinking beer? Shes my ex girlfriend now.

  9. Phillip Island in the photo?

  10. You pull a mean wheelie my friend!

  11. Wheres the beer label?

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