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  1. Daniel Paul


    It's a Zero Gravity dark smoke windscreen. If I remember right they have 3 sizes, stock, double bubble and touring. The Galfer pads and rotors made a HUGE difference, but mostly because when I got the bike, the pads were oil soaked and worn.
  2. Sorry for the thread resurrection, but did you ever have any success with the LED bulb for the FI indicator?
  3. It's another VFR parked on the side of the road.
  4. Daniel Paul

    Done RH 3.jpg

    Very nice. You should make a few and sell them.
  5. Nice! Looks like anywhere in AZ.
  6. Hwy 92! I love that road! Healthy deer population out there though.
  7. Daniel Paul

    2004 VFR800

    Sold, but not forgotten...
  8. This is the best looking 5th gen I've seen by far. Great work!!
  9. Daniel Paul


    Needs a 6 spoke VFR750F front wheel to complete the look.
  10. My old girlfriend flipped out when I let my nephew have a sip of my beer at my sisters party. Sister and Brother in law do - I wasnt about to let him get drunk but he sees all of us drinking beer? Shes my ex girlfriend now.

  11. Might as well keep her going, you can't beat a nice 5th gen!
  12. Daniel Paul


    Love the white '93's. Beautiful bike, hang on to her!
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