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  1. Sorry if I'm asking questions that have been answered in this or the other threads, but I'm just getting back to this after last years crash. Finally got the '01 back and the autotune module is dead, so I have to do something about the tuning. Now I can't say I'm not shocked and surprised that the RB units can not do gear by gear on the VFR. The PCV can do it without the gear position sensor, they just tap into the Tach signal and the speed sensor and compare to some stored gear ranges and know the gear your in. Why can't the RB units do the same?? Also is the issue with the 5th gen's narrow band sensors not trimming fuel related to how seldom the 5th gen ECM is in closed loop mode? The 6th gens go into closed loop mode a lot more often to meet the later emissions standards.
  2. Can you give us a picture of the "T" fitting in the fuel line?? I need to check the pressure on my '01. I will probably want to do it on the '99, as well as a C14 that I'm instrumenting for some research work. KISS principle would be best to get gauges on these bikes.
  3. Turbo City no longer makes them. But since they were just a squished OEM FPR your best bet would be just squish the one on your bike. I have a spare I'm going to try mashing, then see how it does on my '01. The PCV I have is running Autotune, so the FPR should just sharpen the tune.
  4. I'd bet that there are a bunch of cells that have funky trims after the conversion from the pcIII map. When I got my PCV on my VFR, I forget who's map I copied and converted, only to have it run like crap. Then I hand copied the cells from the PCIII to the PCV and surprise it was a world better. Also don't forget to get Coderiter's vacuum switch to cycle the autotune off on long closed throttle operations. Otherwise you will have a stumble that seems to move all over the place. I wish there was a way to convert PCIII map to a target AF table. My '99 is supposed to have one of the best PCIII maps in existence for TBR exhaust. But if I want to run the Autotune, I have to translate each of the cells to an AF ratio. Anybody out their have a way to do that???
  5. Oh agreed, more bikes or more anything else equals more projects.... That's why I'm swapping my RC51 that I never had time to make a track bike out of for a second 5th gen. It not gaining a new bike so much as gaining another VFR. It will be good for running around town on AND as a mockup dummy for projects.
  6. Well if you put it on the dyno, You should be able to see the flat spot you mentioned. As well as deal with any single cell anomalies in the PCV map worked out. Congratulations on getting it running in the end. I just had a freshly cleaned injector fail on a friends car, sticking wide opened. It's very frustrating when that happens, particularly when its a vendor you deal with often and they do provide before/ after documentation. I'm about to swap the RC51 for another 5th gen, so that I can keep riding while I take care of projects. Any updates on the HID projectors??
  7. I'm guessing mostly his driver's license . . . Having gotten to compare the Phase I Torocharger to a stock bike, I'd say that punk up the road on a zx10/gsxr1000 or that ilk. Please do as finding copies of the Erion or TBR headers is getting harder and harder I'd love a reasonably priced copy of the Erion or TBR. I'd love to do the underseat exhaust, but I've already seconded that space for my HHO cell so I'm stuck with either a narrow oval high pipe or standard angle low pipe option. JZH said there was a smaller diameter hose that needed a 180 bend that he did not source. And Trav, can you post where you manage to source them please? My local source is hung up on the Samco hoses.
  8. Any updates on how this is working out??? I'd love to do it right now, but I can't afford it right now.
  9. Well I swapped out the back ground panel bulbs for these http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=%2Fspecs%2FWLED-xHP5.htm And 3 of the idiot lights with these http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=%2Fspecs%2F74-xHP.html And for the turnsignal idicators on I used these. http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=%2Fspecs%2FWLED-x4.htm My flashers were already cycling fast because I have LED's in the back, and I'm adding flush mounted led lights upfront, so I also grabbed one of these. http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=%2Fspecs%2FLFS-1-FLAT.html This module plugged right into the '01 harness and the flashing is slowed back down to a normal rate. The only bulb I did not replace was the FI light. As others have said it glows all time when you try to use a LED. I still have a couple of extra 74 base LED's so I may try adding some resistance to the FI circuit to make it work with the LED. but for now everything in the panel works so I'd rather just get it back together.
  10. yeah, I'm looking for cool white or at least natural white leds.
  11. Well I've used some 4 led, side firing ones in my cars and they worked well, very bright, but even lighting. I'm trying to find them again, but so far no luck. As for lower wattage, I don't use load resistors or the LEDS that have them. Mostly because as KPerham said, it just defeats the purpose. Now for the FI light and/or the turnsignals, I'm surprised there is that much voltage in what should be a switched circuit. I wonder if it is some sort of back current, given the crappy grounds of the 5th gen. Anyway thanks for the input everyone
  12. Well, I've got one dead 194 bulb behind both the speedo and tach, so they both have been sort of dim at night. I'm lazy enough that I was in no rush to dig in and replace it, but since I have the instrument panel out in the middle of repairs from the crash, I should take care of it. I just figured that I've had better luck with led's in two of my cars and they use less wattage compared to the regular lights. I'm not going blue, but I'll probably go bright white.
  13. While I have the Meters out of the bike, I'm going to change the bulbs for LED's I found the printed copy of KPerham's led list, which seems to have been lost. I notice that he says not to use LEDs for the FI light and the turn signal indicators. Did this ever get sorted out?? Also does using a non-load sensitive flasher solve the problem.
  14. JES_VFR

    My crunched VFR

    I really hoped that I would never have to post pictures like this but I guess it was bound to happen eventually.
  15. JES_VFR

    My dash

    Nice work, I do like the gear indicator as it might keep me from hunting for that 7th gear on long slab rides. But that's just another farkle that will go on the never ending list.
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