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  1. View File 98 - 01 vfr service manual Found this, not sure about the version but maybe it helps for now.. Submitter vfr350 Submitted 05/08/2016 Category Owners Manuals and other
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Found this, not sure about the version but maybe it helps for now..
  3. so I've always run hondaline blend w/o moly, recently started using mobile m110 filter (larger than the m108 use the same on my car), would it be wrong to try a full syn now? be curious to see if it shifts any different....
  4. Anyone near w a spare rr to try? I know it doesnt make sense why said work would have caused an issue for it. So another thing i did was to run an extra 10 or 12 gauge wire directly from the neg term to the right side frame ground just forward of the rear brake reservoir. Then from that junction i ran additional wires to various spots on the motor, frame and sub frame. Overkill who knows but additional piece of mind, but even still previously running it i gained voltage (finally correct) when i added the vfrness. Damn gremelins.
  5. Sometimes insulated screwdrivers are nice, or make your own plastidipped the screwdriver shaft.
  6. Same boat, just got a block this week, interested to see how you tie in the powerlet.
  7. Years back i went +2 in the back mainly for stop and go with a passenger. Been happy with it since, no install issues and my speedo seems spot on vs gps. Now and then i hunt for 7th but it has decent pull in 6th.
  8. I calculated how much surface area open to flow that pipercross has and although more than other filters those grates cover alot more than you think....
  9. vfr350


    Is that a 2stroker?
  10. this help at all: http://www.velocity-of-sound.com/velocity_of_sound/calculator1.htm
  11. vfr350


    Decal's backwards, the color snowblind?
  12. ding ding! I never saw this thread before. How about using my unused K&N VFR drop in and combine it with my unused 350 True Flow? End result would be pipercross like: Getting 2 flexible rubbers to bond stable is my only concern.
  13. Yeah the lights had something to do with fuel deveation from baseline and to aid in manually adjusting a map without a pc. Put the seat on, out of site out of mind. Interestingly i found paper copies of my maps from 04, decrypting my notes on what i changed is the challenge now. From what i can tell it was a slipon and k&n map that i combined with the track map in stages at 60 and +80% throttle openning. Not dyno perfect but if i disco the pc and ride it seems like a pooch but better mpg.
  14. vfr350

    Doing the Deal1

    just curious how you hold that rear cortech bag down. i do not run the saddle bags but i run my straps over or thru the flap. not that i have ever had an issue, just always has play.
  15. vfr350


    that is so nice. had an 86 and loved it.
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