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  1. Is anyone looking for a roommate from Thursday to Sat night? Please let me know. You can reach my cell at 270-282-3734
  2. I finally found time to post what I had to do to add superbike bars to my bike. I went with 50mm Outlaw risers, Renthal highway bars (756 high bend) and ST1100 throttle cables. My buddy has a killer shop in his basement and he helped me along the way. We started by using his drill press to hollow out a little bit of the underside of the triple tree so the washers for the risers would sit flush. We played with various ways of re-routing cables to see what would fit. We quickly realized the ST1100 cables would not fit. I researched and found that ST1300 cables would probably be too short too since I needed roughly 5 more inches to reach. I couldn't find anything definitive online as to what cables might fit. My buddy told me of a huge motorcycle salvage yard about an hour away. After spending around 1.5 hours whittling thru endless bins of cables, shelves and trailers, I found what I was looking for. I'm not sure exactly what the cables were off of since all that was there was the throttle housing and the cables. My best guess is that they are off a Honda Shadow as the cable ends were chromed and not black. They were right around 5.25 inches longer in total with the free end roughly the same size as stock. Once we had the throttle cables in place, we found out the front brake line was too short to reach. After searching through his parts and contemplating what to do, we found a solution. If I removed one of the brackets on the front housing, I was able to get the little bit of slack that was needed to be able to go from lock to lock without any binding. We also had to reroute the clutch cable to give some extra slack there too. I reused the stock bar ends after he put them his lathe and machined them down a little to fit in the end. I went to Lowes and bought new bar end bolts and some bushings that would screw into some rubber hose that I found at Advance Auto. I used that around the bar end bolts. That enabled me to tighten up the bar ends while expanding the hose to take up the slack inside. I did have an issue with the master cylinders from the clutch and brake hitting the windshield. I was able to reposition them in such a way that they would barely clear if I removed the black pieces from the inside of the windshield. A small price to pay for the tradeoff of comfort. I'm loving the overall feel of these. Its more comfortable on long trips. I did 2,100 miles in 5 days with this mod. Although I had some pain in my writs eventually, they were much better than the heli-bars they replaced. They also offer more leverage for the tight roads due to being a little wider than the heli's. It's like I have a new VFR!
  3. Come to find out, ST1100 throttle cables are roughly the same size as our 6th gen cables.So they won't fit with my superbar set up (I found this out after doing a ton of work setting up a superbar system only to have to set it all back to stock). Does anyone know the length of ST1300 cables or if they are 4-5" longer than stock VFR cables?
  4. I've noticed that people recommended two different options for longer throttle cables (ST1100 and ST1300). Would either of those work? Do i definitely need them if I go with a 22 mm riser and Renthal 756 bars on a 6th gen?
  5. I wish I had time to source parts and do this mod before I take my 2,500 mile trip from KY to CT & NH and back again. I might have to do this soon.
  6. Vecky5

    Stator Tests

    Can anyone verify if part number 31100-MCW-315 is still the AC generator kit for a 2002 VFR? I called service Honda and they don't list that part bring for a VFR. It's non returnable and I want to make sure it's going to work before I spend the $$ on it.
  7. Vecky5


  8. Nice hardware Will. One of the nicer farkles I've seen in a long time. I wonder if Rivcyko could make some duplicates to complement his huggers? :fing02:
  9. I can attest to the awesomeness of this bike after seeing it in person this weekend. It sounds and looks incredible. I gotta get me one of them.... Marty and Nick did a great job. I give this bike two thumbs up, two snaps and a circle, and gold star thrown in for good measure.
  10. I agree. I ordered a pair a few weeks ago for my Vtec. They arrived 2 days later. Really nice quality. The lines are barely visible. Match 100%. There's enough play in the holes to line them up perfectly. I would highly recommend them to any one who is tired of only seeing elbows in their mirrors. Thanks again Lobster. :thumbsup:
  11. I like the really dark gray on the RWB 07 rims... so I think I'm headed down that path. A candy apple red pinstripe on that color would be sweet! really torn between gold and white; just like ordering at the Outback, will probably make my mind up at the last possible second. I wonder if one of our photoshop experts here on VFRD can work up the 2 options for you to help you decide. I would but I don't have the skills or software. I think either way you'd be happy.
  12. Looks good Will. I'm digging the triple tree cover. How does your electical system do with all of the add-ons?
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