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  1. And I was going to suggest Corbin, they’ll customize a seat in just about any color! With all those options I went blacked out, lol!
  2. I would start trying to get those stupid pan head screws out now lol! Why they didn’t do a hex head or at least an Allen head on them is beyond me!
  3. I just sold mine that was in the forks, they do make them but as I hear they are hard to find....like this?
  4. I would have to Second the Road 5s. They grip the toad really well . I had them on my CBR and loved them. The VFR came with new Pirelli Angel ST and probably will go back to the the Road 5s when the time comes
  5. That is an amazing bike, Awesome build, have just about everything Honda in it!
  6. So last July I was in an accident on my CBR and ended up flipping ass over tea kettle it in a intersection....yep proved all the statistics right and was less than 5 miles from home. Ended up picking up a 04 VFR to replace it. I’ve only drove this bike for 3 hours since I bought it as my leg was out in an immobilizing leg brace for 6 weeks 2 days after I got it due to the accident. Just starting to go through and get her ready for spring as my office as been accumulating parts over the winter. The previous owner took great care of the bike just not a fan of some of his additions, So hopefully
  7. PepperVFR

    First Pics

    Amazing looking bike, and with OEM side bags too! Even stock they are fun bike! Hope you enjoy every minute on it!
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