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  1. Hey everyone I have a question for ye. I have a VFR800 made in 2007, I'm not the tallest of folks and as of late I've found it uncomfortable to get on/off the bike and I was thinking is it possible to lower the seat, I don't want top lower the whole bike just the seat, is there a lowered seat available anywhere?
  2. BikerJoe

    Ring of Kerry

    Went for a spin with my buddy on his GS around the ring of kerry, stopping off at Staigue fort for a look and going to Portmagee for grub!
  3. BikerJoe

    My Bike!

    Snaps I took of my bike when I first got it!
  4. BikerJoe

    First Pics

    Got myself a VFR800 VTEC. Couldn't be much more stock. Gonna add to it from tme to time, anything I do I'll throw up on here
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