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  1. Looking for pictures of what others have done for steering stops when they've adapted the RC51 SP1 lower triple clamp. I thought there was a photo here, using 6mm socket head bolts, IIRC, but I can't seem to locate it presently. Pictures and ideas are welcome. I am in the midst of this modification right now. Thank you! Before: https://photos.app.goo.gl/oTErFwfKapGWbzfF6 Old stuff gone: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MaMinUC6jyBMEeyR9 New stuff taking shape: https://photos.app.goo.gl/PyEPw5EVghxawy1s9
  2. Zazen

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    Any updates on the availability of this hanger? I have very recently acquired the critical components that I need to move forward with my RC-51 USD forks conversion, de-linking the brakes along the way. I am keenly interested in this hanger as part of the plan to lighten the rear hardware too.
  3. I haven't acquired a wheel yet, but my plan is begin with an SP2 wheel. -Kirk
  4. Where is the best cross-reference information (i.e., offset, diameter) for Honda upper & lower triple clamps? (And other compatible models too.) On my 5th gen, I am preparing to replace my OEM/Traxxion forks and delink the brakes. I would welcome any sage advice from those who have already done this. Thanks in advance, Kirk A.
  5. My 5th gen is a US-spec 49-state model, and the right hand controls do not include a light switch; it is blanked out. I have a few questions about this: Does the Euro-spec switch work on the US-spec bike without requiring further changes? (This was the case on my Monster, and I'm hoping that it is the same with the VFR.) Another poster described it as a 3-position switch: off, park lights, headlights. Is there a "city light" in the 5th gen headlight? Can anyone provide the Euro-spec part# and possibly recommend a vendor? Thanks in advance, Kirk A. ps - the attached photo shows the blank switch panel. excuse the dust; the bike hasn't been detailed yet this year.
  6. Where is the best cross-reference information for Honda upper & lower triple clamps? (And other compatible models too.) On my 5th gen, I plan to replace my OEM/Traxxion forks and delink the brakes. I've recently purchased a complete of SP2 forks, triples, axle and brakes, but now see that may be a mistake. Previous posts describe a hybrid SP1/SP2 fork with mixed outers and inners; what is the difference in length between the two? Or alternatively, what makes the SP2 incompatible with the 5th gen? As for frame pitch or steering stem rake, I already have my OEM forks raised in the triple clamps and my Penske topped out to maximum rear ride height. Thanks in advance, Kirk
  7. Zazen

    Rear Brake Hanger 4th and 5th gen

    Another vote for a 5th generation model. In fact, I am gathering parts for an RC-51 front clip update and delink at the present. (I'm new to this forum, so please feel free to point me to the related resources.) -Kirk
  8. Zazen


  9. Zazen

    Lake Champlain, VT

    En route to F1 at Montreal, QC.

    © 2018 Kirk A.

  10. VT-108 at Smuggler's Notch. Unbelievable curves!

    © 2018 Kirk A.

  11. Zazen

    Pepacton Reservoir, along NY-30

    Heading to WDGAH in NH

    © 2018 Kirk A.

  12. Zazen

    WDGAH 2017

    WDGAH 2017, Fireside Inn, West Lebanon, NH

    © Kirk A.

  13. Zazen

    High Knob State Park, PA

    Together with Brendan G, David T. and Mark W.

    © 2018 Kirk A.

  14. Zazen

    Atop Mt Washington

    Together with Tim A. and Greg V. during WDGAH.

    © 2018 Kirk A.

  15. Zazen

    Bear Notch, NH

    Together with Tim A. & Mike S.

    © 2018 Kirk A.


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