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  1. smackdoogle


    '98 at the top of WV
  2. Wow! I'm really sorry for that. No extended warranty? I'd be beyond pissed. You seem to have the know how and a level head. Better than me you are.
  3. Nice! I'm not allowed to have big tools like that. I'd hurt myself.
  4. Awesome thread. Excited to see the work start up again. I plan to do a similar project later this summer. Similar as in, CBR wheels on a VF700/750 and that's about it. Looks great though. Thanks for the motivation.
  5. smackdoogle

    My dash

    Awesome!!! I wanna do that to mine! Ah wait, I don't have a 5th gen
  6. I'm military so I always have to have my ID at the ready. I've had good luck with an arm strap type ID holder usually used for runners. I leave it on my jacket while riding everywhere (helps to show it off it the police officer catches you) but it's never been an issue for over 6 years now and it's always visible for the gate guard on my left upper arm. I've had friends who have had good luck with ICON's mil-spec vest which has a pocket for ID's on the chest. Just some options I guess.
  7. smackdoogle


  8. I can't help with your question because I've never widened a wheel but wouldn't that make an already really heavy wheel heavier? I'd say just hold out for a good F2 front and go that route unless you really love the stock look. Have you checked out the CBR forums and ebay?
  9. Thanks for the offer but I already have the conversion on my VF1000R. Thanks again though.

  10. I have an 86 700 that I had planned on doing this conversion to but have too many bikes to get involved further, so I have a complete F3 frontend, wheels, front and rear, front brake master cylinder and caliper. If you decide to try this conversion make me an offer. The 700 engine has some issues but so I will probably part it out. I also have some Beasley fiberglass front and lower fairings.Ernie

  11. Will do. I did see it about 6 months ago but Ii didn't "inspect" with a buyers eye. I'll see what Ii can do in the next couple weeks. Ernie

  12. I'll have to track him down then. Rocklin is about 5 miles from me. Now that you mention it. I think I've seen his bike at work in our parking lot. Well thanks - and keep safe. Ernie

  13. I know it's a long distance away but I saw a very nice VFR1000 on craiglist here in Sacramento area. Probably not feasible for you but wanted to pass it along. Link... http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/2161472912.html

    PS - thanks for serving our country.


  14. Just a thought, would one of the GSXR, R6, Ninja Moto GP slip-ons work? They are shorter, have baffles (although small) and are relatively cheap and would look bad-ass mounted as duals. here's a link to one on ebay. ebay megaphone
  15. Wow! Awesome write up. I'm going to attempt this but with a few alterations to the undertray I think. We'll see how it goes. I do have a quesiton regarding the Devil pipes, what length and diameter are they? I assume they work well but I'd like to find pipes the same size as yours to make the system easy. I will be riding two up and I want to ensure I minimize the rubbing as much as possible. I don't know where I'll find a muffler guy to make the Y-pipe and mid-pipe but I'm sure there has to be someone who can help around the Boston area. Thanks again for all the detailed informaion.
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