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  1. Fuel economy is top on VFR 800 2017(Euro 4) I don't know about the weight. I think about 800 grams to 1 kg. The intake sound is very good because before(on 2014, 2015, 2016) the flapper open at 6500 rpm.
  2. Same size everything is compatible. Don't worry if the seller didn't add the 2017 to the compatibility list. I fitted a Delkevic DL10 on my 2017
  3. I fitted a Skyrich Lithium battery on mine. Work great.
  4. With or without the tire ?, brake disk mounted ? Axle ? Etc
  5. Ohhh ! It's just instructions, your bike doesn't have it ?
  6. You mean that ? It's a protection for tank, carbon imitation
  7. Hi guys, i'm interested in DUNLOP SPORTMAX SPORTSMART 2, someone test them on the VFR ?
  8. Hi, i didn't think found my photo on this forum. Ahaha I didn't change my stock air filter but it think they removed the system like you did and plug the hole on the throttle body. When the time comes, i will take some photos of that.
  9. Hi all, I fitted a Delkevic DL10 on mine(the short one is way too loud)
  10. And french people complain about the size of their plate. Ahaha. In UK that's worse !
  11. Sending possible in France ? How about the size of the plate(210mm by 130 mm) Love your work mate.
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