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  1. 8g intake runners

    Longer intake funnel, reworked header, changed valve timing, changed ignition timing, increase compression ratio, changed fuel injection map. That's all the modifications on the engine of the 8 gen. Check my topic for more informations.
  2. 5G-6G water pump question

    So that mean the propeller was changed with the 8 gen
  3. 5G-6G water pump question

    I fitted a water pump of a VFR 800 Fi on my VFR 800 2017. The design of the propeller is different but it's a direct fit.
  4. The fi light came back after 3 min with my second trip. :/ The ECU 2017 is not as dumb as the older one. I will check the DTC code. I will know if it's a heater sensor error or O2 sensor. But i think the ECU state that after 3 min the O2 sensor should work.
  5. The DTC erase just do the magic ! She's way better now. I think the ECM had to work under degraded mode.
  6. I will try a reset. I give you a feedback
  7. Hi everyone, I just received and fitted my new o2 eliminator. The light go away but came back after 3 min. It's a 2017 version, it's possible that Honda now check the voltage coming from the O2 sensor. Anyone experience the same problem ?
  8. Angled Valve Stems

    Come in standard on my 2017, i can say i'm pleased with it :)
  9. With or without the tire ?, brake disk mounted ? Axle ? Etc
  10. VFR 800 F weight reduction

    Okay i didn't know that. (Live in France btw). As far i understand it's harder to make a street legal motorcycle in USA compared to Europe.
  11. VFR 800 F weight reduction

    At home with kitchen scale ?
  12. VFR 800 F weight reduction

    Updated ! New Lithium battery !
  13. VFR 800 F - Development story

    Nice i will take a look ?

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