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  1. New rear shock, made guards for the soft bags, and we headed down for a great weekend.
  2. Thanks all. Lorne, yes you should. As a side route, from Tomales right before you hit this spot, the road forks off up and to the right. Take that and follow it around and it will spit you out at Valley Ford, here: https://goo.gl/maps/c18qsHPvSUG2
  3. Can't remember if I posted here or not, but I fabbed up a couple guards real quick. They are painted flat black now and look better but here is the idea. The front has a tab with a hole drilled and mounts to the mount for the Givi rear bag via a nylock nut. The rear is an S shaped tab that goes in front of the lower bar and behind the upper, keeping the whole thing from swinging inward or coming out. Takes about 30 seconds to remove and install. We took it out Sunday and the bags sit level nad don't get near the exhaust. We are heading out this weekend for three days on it so it's
  4. Tried out the new homemade exhaust guards for the soft bags. They work well. Looks like I didn't take any pics after painting them black, but they look pretty sanitary in black. Here they are with the bags on. You can kinda see them, the left one anyway.
  5. I whipped out a set of exhaust guards for my soft bags. Something easily put on and taken off. Still need to paint them.... or make another set where the welds aren't so embarrassing! Started with flat stock and some small tubing. Using map gas, hammer, vice, cutting wheel and a sharpie, I was surprised on how well they came out for the first try. First bent the tabs that go on the Givi mounting bolt towards the front. Then bent the tubing to follow the lines of the exhaust. Bent the upper/rear tab to "lock" into the Givi mount, keeping the entire piece from rocking inward. the one
  6. Now's the time to throw in some internals from Daugherty Motorsports!
  7. JimF777

    Evening Ride with the wife

    Quick stop at Elephant Rock overlooking Dillon Beach
  8. JimF777

    Computer Stuff

    Was messing around with Chrome and created a simple VFR theme. I find myself continually returning and playing with different colors of the different parts of the browser.
  9. JimF777

    L 71187

    Was it coincidence that you both had the same helmet?
  10. JimF777

    New Year's Day 2018

    Went on a New Year's day ride with a "small" group of people. Seems mine was the only VFR present.
  11. JimF777

    Rest stop photo opp

    Thanks! First "trip" on the bike with the wife, at the coast. It is Laser exhaust, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but though I loved the pipes from first look, I didn't realize they weren't stock. VFR generations always had unique exhausts and not having kept up on the changes, I just thought...
  12. JimF777

    Jenner, Ca

    Hey! That's so cool, I'm honored! Thank you.
  13. Since the VFR is new-to-me, pictures are coming in fast and furious. Here's a few of mine, either of the bike, or while out on it. Hope they stand up to the many already put up, some really great shots from everyone.
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