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  1. JimF777

    Anniversary weekend in Monterey, CA

    New rear shock, made guards for the soft bags, and we headed down for a great weekend.
  2. Thanks all. Lorne, yes you should. As a side route, from Tomales right before you hit this spot, the road forks off up and to the right. Take that and follow it around and it will spit you out at Valley Ford, here: https://goo.gl/maps/c18qsHPvSUG2
  3. Can't remember if I posted here or not, but I fabbed up a couple guards real quick. They are painted flat black now and look better but here is the idea. The front has a tab with a hole drilled and mounts to the mount for the Givi rear bag via a nylock nut. The rear is an S shaped tab that goes in front of the lower bar and behind the upper, keeping the whole thing from swinging inward or coming out. Takes about 30 seconds to remove and install. We took it out Sunday and the bags sit level nad don't get near the exhaust. We are heading out this weekend for three days on it so it's just in time. I'm probably going to do another set as I have since swapped in solid wire and gas in the welder and the beads look WAY better.
  4. JimF777

    Evening Ride with the wife

    Quick stop at Elephant Rock overlooking Dillon Beach
  5. JimF777

    Computer Stuff

    Was messing around with Chrome and created a simple VFR theme. I find myself continually returning and playing with different colors of the different parts of the browser.
  6. JimF777

    L 71187

    Was it coincidence that you both had the same helmet?
  7. JimF777

    New Year's Day 2018

    Went on a New Year's day ride with a "small" group of people. Seems mine was the only VFR present.
  8. JimF777

    Rest stop photo opp

    Thanks! First "trip" on the bike with the wife, at the coast. It is Laser exhaust, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but though I loved the pipes from first look, I didn't realize they weren't stock. VFR generations always had unique exhausts and not having kept up on the changes, I just thought...
  9. JimF777

    Jenner, Ca

    Hey! That's so cool, I'm honored! Thank you.
  10. JimF777

    First Weekend Away on the VFR

    The timing of getting a sport-tourer motorcycle couldn't have come at a better time. This is what I have never done, but thought I really would like it. And I do. Enjoying the california roads below mach speeds, stopping to take in the beauty of the coast, seeing things for the first time (did you all know there's a couple islands out there in Tomales Bay?). Plus, it was a time when I really needed to mentally disconnect, something I hadn't done in so long. Nothing but sights, worries of what to eat, and not having a care as to what time to be anywhere. The Gualala Country Inn was great and well priced, we got the one room that was hexagonal in shape, having the best views of all the rooms. If I could retire, there'd be a touring bike on the back of the motorhome (right next to the GSXR). With Eva, went up to Mendocino on Saturday for lunch, taking a bit of back roads for exploring and when we were done Saturday, had 300 miles clocked since leaving Friday.
  11. JimF777

    snow bikes 001

    Is it me, or does this pic remind you of those terrible images of sad looking dogs that are tied up out in the terrible weather instead of inside the house only feet away, all meant to pull at your heartstrings?
  12. JimF777

    Dinner up the coast

    The weather was friggin' awesome yesterday, I'd flushed the rear brake fluid, played around with GoPro mounts, then decided to take her and the wife out to the coast for a spur-of-the-moment dinner. Took a few shots with the phone that came out pretty good and video of the roads out there.
  13. JimF777

    My other rides (and hers too)

    Between the custom GSXR tat and the tat of my comp number, I'd say I'm pretty loyal to the brand and model. Having owned only 8 bikes through the years, 7 were (are) GSXRs.
  14. JimF777

    My first VFR

    A deal I couldn't pass up, and I've always wanted one.
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